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This time I didn't just got Japan for business, but also China and most importantly for the first time in my life I was setting foot on American soil!

22:27:51 CHINA - The Exibition place.

22:28:07 CHINA - Franco and Lucy. Theya re among the nicest and coolest people that I know. When we are together the amount of shit that we manage to say is unbeliaveable.

22:28:54 CHINA - Me and Franco posing for some important newspaper in China

23:15:53 CHINA - This deserves some explanation. We went to a massage place, they gave us their own "yukata" to put on. Just before Franco was dressing up he found out that someone left a little present on the inside of the trousers. He eventually worse something else, but the experience is worth a million bucks!

02:33:41 CHINA - Man smoking what appears to be a wooden cigar...

01:59:35 CHINA - Thai restaurant. It was really nice lots of people, sounds, colours.

02:00:07 CHINA - More Thai restaurant.

02:04:13 CHINA - Ordering some food.

01:46:36 CHINA - Blurry picture,

03:31:31 CHINA - This is a restaurant where we went with Franco and a client of his. I will remember all my life that dinner as the client was rather unimportant and we basically took the piss out of him all night, a true experience of what NOT to do with clients.

18:01:32 JAPAN - Harajuku, entrance. The street is crowded with people trying to buy little souvenirs, trinckets, and stuff like that. A major place for youngsters.

18:15:39 JAPAN - As usual I went to pay my respects at Mejii Jingu.

18:17:21 JAPAN - Part of the ritual is to wasch your hands before entering.

18:36:31 JAPAN - Cosplay (Costume-Play). People near Meji Jingu dress up in strange costumes and just stay there to chat and be photographed by random turists.

18:37:24 JAPAN - More cosplay.

18:39:18 JAPAN - And again but from the bridge above the street.

18:39:25 JAPAN - This is where the Cosplay takes place, it's a brdge over the railways leading to Meji Jingu. All the cosplay takes place there.

18:40:12 JAPAN - Tokyo Dome.

18:45:53 JAPAN - It was St.Patrick's day and I got stuck in this huge parade...

18:47:29 JAPAN - AAAAHhhhhh Guinness.... Made me thirsty but no pubs were around there..

11:33:12 NYC - Bryant Park.

11:39:10 NYC - A Nice skyscraper in Bryant Park.

01:35:57 NYC - The Empire State Building.

01:36:05 NYC - Close up of the Empire State, the skyscraper is truly impressive!

02:36:29 NYC - Americans are very proud of their country. There are flags everywhere!

02:37:28 NYC - Had to make this photo...

02:39:45 NYC - Public Lybrary in Bryant Park.

02:40:11 NYC - Close up of some art at the entrance of the Lybrary.

02:52:11 NYC - Rockfeller Center.

02:52:15 NYC - And the part that didn't fit the other picture...

02:52:42 NYC - I can't remember the name of the church now, I think it's St.Paul's Cathedral. Still it's a beautiful gothic church in the middle of skyscrapers. That makes quite a contrast!

02:54:30 NYC - Cathedral front side.

03:00:00 NYC - A non defined piece of art inside the Cathedral.

03:05:36 NYC - Shot of the inside of the church.

03:10:41 NYC - The contrast between modern and old. Though this church will probably not be as old as European churches, you can clearly see the difference between the two !

03:14:55 NYC - Another church of which I forgot the name. Apparently famous people tend to get married here.

03:22:47 NYC - The Plaza (right) and a nice skyscraper.

03:22:55 NYC - The Plaza, one of the most famous hotels in the world.

03:26:41 NYC - It was 6 in the morning, I was walking through Central Park, and this little suirrel was following me. Eventually my american colleagues told me that Central Park is very dangerous in the morning, so in a way I think that I was lucky to have just the squirrel following me.

03:41:53 NYC - More Central Park shots.

03:49:12 NYC - Again Central Park, it doesn't look like NY here!

03:54:24 NYC - Nice obelisk near the lake.

03:57:01 NYC - Lovely castle, of course it was too early and it was closed.

04:09:29 NYC - The lake in Central Park.

04:17:48 NYC - The Guggeneim Museum!

04:21:51 NYC - The Guggeneim is truly beautiful, the architecture is amazing and some of the art inside is very nice too!

04:22:05 NYC - The museum has a lot of "layers", corridors and inner rooms.

04:22:23 NYC - Another shot for the corridors.

05:20:26 NYC - Enlarge to see what this is.... (see next)

05:20:49 NYC - Modern art!! This picture has fake (or real) flies stuck on it. The picture that you saw before this one is a close up of this strange work of art...

05:24:50 NYC - From the top, on the first floor there were a lot of coloured glass shapes, a form of art that one too...

05:34:37 NYC - Glass shapes, the first floor exibit changes every month.

06:00:57 NYC - More Central Park.

06:05:56 NYC - John Lennon memorial. He was shot here.

06:18:41 NYC - These horses are WELL huge!

06:20:43 NYC - Getting back towards the main blocks, once again I liked the contrast between the buildings and the park.

06:21:01 NYC - Ice rink in Central Park.

06:21:11 NYC - Me, the park and NY!! Perfect!

06:24:42 NYC - A nice little bridge over troubled water (Simon and Garfunkel tm)...

06:31:40 NYC - A Cow, Lovely!

06:57:57 NYC - You spend ages taking shots at the skyscrapers, there are some buildings that are very interesting under the shape point of view...

06:58:03 NYC - RIGHT! THANKS!

07:14:27 NYC - This is the famous sculpture in front of the Rockfeller Center.

07:17:17 NYC - The Rockfeller Center has a lot of strange Egyptian paintings like these ones.

07:18:01 NYC - The Rockfeller Center ice rink, this is a famous spot couldn't miss it...

07:18:20 NYC - And again.

07:19:30 NYC - More Rockfeller Center art.

07:35:09 NYC - Noooooooo they have invaded the States too!!


08:56:59 NYC - Times Square on a different angle.

09:48:24 NYC - The Rockfelle Center Again.

10:01:41 NYC - Eventually I was caught in the middle of a demonstration agains the war in Iraq. This crippled my movement freedom as all the roads were blocked by police..

03:01:33 NYC - Pretty self explanatory.

03:06:39 NYC - How many movies did I see with this station as the background for the scene?

03:46:17 NYC - YES, the Bull. A magic symbol for every economist!

03:54:00 NYC - The Stock exchange, I was really thrilled when I got here.

03:54:41 NYC - View from the NYSE.

03:55:06 NYC - Trinity church from Wall Street.

03:55:41 NYC - Nice shot of the Stock Exchange with some presidential action on the right...

04:03:40 NYC - Ground Zero. The athmosphere here was really gloomy and unnaturally calm.

04:05:37 NYC - More Gorund Zero.

04:06:42 NYC - The list of the people who lost their lives in the attacks.

04:11:59 NYC - The symbol of the towers that, nobody of the many tourists spoke, even babies wouldn't cry.

04:21:20 NYC - Trinity Church again.

04:34:37 NYC - The statue in honour of the immigrants who used to arrive in Manhattan.

04:34:45 NYC - This is taken from the pier where you get the boat to go to the Statue of Liberty.

04:43:36 NYC - The Statue from the distance.

04:48:00 NYC - This ball was on the top of the twin towers. When the structure collapsed it bounced here, where it now stays in memory of the attacks of 9/11.

05:35:01 NYC - Nothing special apart from the fact that when I took this picture a cop stopped me asking to show him what I have done. I showed him the picture, and he let me go, fortunately he didn't shoot before asking! Eventually I got to know that this is a federal building...

06:06:07 NYC - Little Italy!! Extremely disappointed by this part of New York, I was expecting something special but it didn't look Italian at all!

07:30:28 NYC - Flat Iron Building, Lovely contruction the shape it's truly odd!

07:50:30 NYC - Inside the Empire State Building.

09:08:59 NYC - The Crysler Building, my favourite skycraper.

09:09:08 NYC - Close up of the Crysler.

09:20:10 NYC - In NY all the pavements and gully holes smoke all the time. Bad habits!!!

09:21:50 NYC - The UN Building

09:21:57 NYC - And again.

09:22:48 NYC - I liked this engrave, it reminded me of my Role Playing Games times for some reason...

14:44:38 NYC - We went to a Japanese reastaurant in the end...