Val Sesia

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Trip to Sesia Vally for a day walking/eating marathon.

20:24:46 Going through this valley provided ome interesting sightseen.

21:03:53 Federica, Linda and Matteo standing outside the bathroom!

21:05:30 Matteo looking eager to walk (and to eat).

21:05:59 Getting ready to go!

21:30:53 The group moves to the main square, where the "eating-walk" was going to start with an aperitif.

21:31:54 A typical woman from this part of Italy.

21:32:52 A nice little church.

21:38:56 Some very refined frescoes!

21:50:49 Typical mountain hut with flowers.

22:10:46 First stop, eating goat cheese and salami.

22:10:59 Paola and Stila getting ready to eat.

22:11:40 This was the first entree, each one of us got one.

22:22:37 Getting ready to move to the second stop.

22:23:27 Again a nice old lady, nice because she had salami of course!

22:25:17 Picture of the kids.

22:27:45 Peva and Bogio with more kids.

22:55:01 Ahhh nice one!

22:55:28 A typical bus stop on the mountains. I wonder how often the bus comes here...

22:55:53 Another hut.

23:02:08 Yet another shot of a hut.

23:02:43 Have a guess...

23:08:01 This is the second stop, first courses.

23:09:23 Nice doggy!

23:38:49 Group on the move!

23:49:27 A dangerous bridge over troubled waters.

23:55:12 A pic of the valley. The scenery was marvellous!

23:55:28 Peva and Matteo climbing the path to the main course!!

00:27:36 The main course was polenta with a choice of cheese or meat. We managed to get both of them in industrial quantities, plus a whole bottle of wine...

00:32:32 Matteo eating...

00:32:54 The table with all the group.

00:42:31 Franci and some goats. The animals came and provided quite an interesting distraction.

00:49:43 Bogio trying to make friends with a goat!

00:50:10 Goat and bridge.

00:50:54 The kids soon wanted to play as well!

00:55:56 Crossing a bridge...

00:57:21 Ah, this is the typical postcard from the Alps!

01:00:25 Mmmm We are beign followed!

01:00:50 Stila crossing...

01:20:19 A industrious bee.

01:47:16 The cake was a typical crep-like thing, filled with blueberry jam (or Nutella if you wanted).

02:00:19 Rain started to pour, ruining the day...

03:24:50 Clouds and mountains! It was rainign after all!

03:40:20 Nice house with orange door..