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Day trip by bike to Varese.

01:58:56 Vedano Olona from the Varese hill.

02:17:12 A view of Palazzo Estense's gardens

02:17:20 The Palace again

02:17:28 The gardens are very nice and well kept!

02:19:04 More Palazzo Estense action here.

02:21:35 And again.

02:21:50 Another nice alley with annexed tree.

02:23:41 Lovely hill and tree.

02:25:24 I eventually ventured myself in the vicinity of the building.

02:25:35 Fountains and trees.

02:25:59 Put the camera on the grass to have a strange shot here.

02:26:18 The Palace. I think they were holding a political meeting that day.

02:26:57 Fountains....

02:30:23 The gardens from the Palace.

02:30:35 Nice crest of the Estense family.

02:41:36 Moving to Sacromonte there are a lot of interesting villas.

03:05:56 This is the first chapel in Sacromonte.

03:07:42 Ahhhhhh sun blazing through the branches.

03:09:20 Another chapel.

03:11:11 A luxurious villa.

03:12:52 More villa action.

03:18:02 This is a little garden shed...

03:18:10 The same shed from a distance.

03:22:52 I belive this to be the house of the gatekeeper.