Cinqueterre and Friends

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Marvellous trip to Cinqueterre with my friends from Florence and Marta.

Nice little set of stairs in Corniglia.

View from Francesco and Elisa room. The place at the top of the mountain is called San Bernardo.

Corniglia from our hotel.

More Corniglia action, this time the main church.

View of Manarola from the highest Corniglia balcony.

Nice contrast green plant (we eventually discovered that it is extremely poisonous) and the sea!

Me, Marta, Elisa and Francesco while waiting for Simone and Mariachiara to arrive.

Nice flower of unknown specie. Actually unknown only to me as everyone else seemed to know their flowers very well...

Marta and the unknown plant.

Me walking up some stairs in Corniglia.

Francesco and Elisa.

Marta, Franz and Elisa going to the sea.

Me and Francesco on the same set of stairs.

Francesco and Elisa from the top.

Getting closer to Corniglia harbor. This is the only city in Cinque Terre that hasn't got a direct connection to the sea.

A local getting tanned.

Yet again THAT set of stairs...

Fascinating flower of YET unknown specie... :P

Nice flower that resembled an orchid but OF COURSE it is not an orchid.

Franz and Elisa looking lovely.

Marta protunding from the orange flower.

Finally Simone and Mariachiara arrived!

The church in Corniglia. Note the "BLESSED LIGHT" touching Marta on the right.

Simone complaining about a straberry while Mariachiara and Marta feed on them like hawkes feed on helpless mice.

"Lizard man"... 'nuff said...

More flower action!

Crossing the bridge towards Manarola.

Manarola from the path.

The water mill in Manarola.

Manarola from the "Path of Love".

A great looking flower!

Me and Marta of the path.

Another marvellous looking flower!

Simo and Mariachiara...

Rare shot with all of us inside!

Riomaggiore from the harbour.

A seagull.

Walking up the cliff...

Sunset at Manarola.

Sunset and a nice "face" looking rock.

More face-looking rock here.

Manarola from Corniglia.

Walking in the forest, struggling to get to San Bernardo.

Watch it there!!!

Corniglia from above.

The party takes a rest at Pratomaggiore.

Me with "Aaron's staff".

Me, Marta and Aaron's staff.

Walking down to reach S.Bernardo.

Corniglia and the bay from S.Bernardo square. Marvellous!

Nice little flower.

Now, what a view!!!


Mariachiara and the VOID.

Vernazza from the top.

More Vernazza action.

Finally we arrived at Vernazza walking down the steep hill.

Vernazza harbour and church action here.

Vernazza from the old watch-tower.

Corniglia from the distance.

A local lady looks at me in a menaceing way...

Monterosso at night from Vernazza. Picture taken around 9ish with a 15" exposure setting.

The guy singing and Corniglia wine bar. The whole atmosphere was great, everyone sitting in the small street drinking marvellous wine and listening to blues/italian folk music.

Ah! Kevin, Lankmar and Kyss finally together after a long time...

Volastra from the bottom.

Usually populated by icons of the Virgin Mary, this one features a biblical figure called "Drunken Dwarf".

The party walking towards Volastra.


More flower action.

Simone and Mariachiara at Monterosso.

Monterosso houses.

Me and Marta and a bit of Monterosso tower.

Francesco under the shade on the walkway at Monterosso.

Monterosso watch-tower.

Poisonous flower and Monterosso beach.

Apparently this walkway is famous as one of Italy's most famous modern poets used to come here (Montale).


The statue is called "The Giant". Apparently it used to be a dancefloor (the topo portion of course!!).

The bridge at Khazad-Dum!!! (Tolkien will forgive me).

Walking towards Vernazza, you can see the old tower rather well.

Vernazza from the above. Marvellous!

Corniglia by night.

Corniglia the last day.

Francesco looking dead tired.

More sadness as the last breakfast together is about to happen.

Tragedy strikes as we all know we are about to leave!

Though we were not happy about leaving the appetite was QUITE good nonetheless!