Easter 2006

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Easter was quite busy this time, I went with Marta to her hometown in Marche and then Florence to meet up with my sister and the new nephew!

22:54:31 Filottrano main square.

22:54:49 This is the street market near Marta's mother shop.

23:07:52 Marta in her idea habitat (shoes).

23:13:33 Some mountains from the distance.

23:13:57 Being at the top of the hill Filottrano has quite a good view on the surrounding fields.

03:43:52 Marta, Mount Conero and the sea...

03:46:54 A boat from high above.

03:47:04 Mount Conero.

03:48:26 Niiiice flowers... A bit out of focus though...

03:50:55 I can't quite remember the name of the place but this door looked very pictoresque..

04:17:46 A chubby tree filled with chuby flowers...

07:04:10 Nice sunset over Filottrano.

01:15:48 The fields near Iesi, another town in the area.

01:16:04 More green fields and hills, the colours were terribly vivid, quite unnatural...

01:16:23 And fields again!

04:10:43 Marta with some plains in the background.

04:11:19 Loreto's cathedral.

04:16:22 The cathedral is linked to a belltower and the town walls. Very medieval!

04:18:44 Front side of the church.

04:19:36 Church with belltower annexed

04:20:58 The main square was full of artists, drawing with coloured chalks on the pavement... Nice!

04:21:05 More paintings...

04:21:20 And again.. with the painter!

04:48:17 This is the main cathedral, belltower and abbey, all in one shot!

04:56:13 Marta walking towards the light! Very biblical!

06:07:04 Filottrano in the distance with a tree just to give some depth.

06:07:31 Marta.

06:08:42 Me and Marta.

06:09:41 Marta was not happy about the fact that I had sunglasses on... so another shot was taken.

07:50:03 This is Marta's family at the easter dinner.

07:51:10 And here there is me too!

21:56:19 Gabriele trying to lockpick the car.

21:57:02 He succeeded!!!

21:57:41 Climbing the automobile.

21:58:21 Trying to steal some CDs..

21:59:16 And finally drive the getaway stolen vehicle!

22:00:24 Roberto in his pijama!

22:20:42 This is Rachele sleeping.

22:21:13 My sister Alice and Rachele.

22:37:03 Marta holding Rachele. The baby was soooooooo quiet all day. An angel!

22:39:42 Rachele showing her tounge.

22:39:53 And also smiling!

23:42:06 Gabriele at the park.

23:42:33 Alice and Gabriele moving towards the wooden castle.

23:43:32 Gabriele at the wooden castle.

23:44:40 He eventually fell while crossing the logs bridge, here we have a pic at the tragedy while it unfolds.

23:45:12 Gabriele didn't want to hear anything about giving up and continued!

23:45:26 and contnued..

23:48:43 Finally he could slied off the premises!

23:49:00 And my sister too!

23:50:14 Only to begin a new adventure at the rope bridge!

23:51:06 But he failed this one, here he's venting his complaints.