Rob and Kate

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Brief trip to Florence to meet Rob and Kate who were there for their wedding trip.

22:44:44 Rob and Kate at Fiesole...

22:44:51 Again, but with Florence in the background!

22:46:38 Florence from Fiesole hill.

22:46:45 Kate pondering over the view, while Rob tries to make the moment immortal by taking random pictures..

22:52:56 The inner court of the Fiesole abbey.

22:58:10 Again the inner court.

01:23:14 Kate struggling with "the biggest prawn I have ever had"...

01:23:39 Rob and Kate at my family country villa while having lunch.

01:25:04 Finally a picture with all of us inside!!!

02:14:24 Rob looking dodgy...

03:08:42 Kate walking down the path in a random forest in our proprety. Lovely contast of green, red and blue here!

04:05:05 Rob is NOT holding a pint of semen. It's a milk shake!!

09:02:45 Me with a fine selection of chocolate and wine.