Business trip to Istanbul

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This time I visit one of the most important cities in the history of the world. Costantinopolis, also known as Istanbul.

A view in Istanbul, new skyscrapers and old mosques are common here.

The mosque near the office.

Kebap!! Finally I could eat the proper thing after many years of surrogates in England. I have to say that this restaurant was rather nice.

This is the lunch that we had at the office. Marvellous cooking from a lady that works in the office doing all the cleaning and cooking!

That's the kitchen.

Ayla (on the left) our agent, then the lady (middle) and Ayla's sister (but I forgot the name..)!

Getting closer to Sultanhammet, the main mosque area in the Muslim part of Istanbul.

Sultanhammet square and the first huge mosque. I don't know its name, but the surrounding area was full of bazaars and shops. Impressive!

Some Turkish people resting.

One of the shops plus some people passing by. I was quite fascinated by the different types of persons that you can see here in Istanbul.

The bazaar, here we have some dried fruits.

And some spices.

One minaret.

People washing before entering the mosque.

A stone door with the Coran verses on the top.

More mosque entrance.

More washing seats in the little square before the door.

Nice light effect of the minaret with the sun behind. Quite a Godly image (at least when I was there)...

Some cherry blossom, like in Japan there were quite a lot of trees in bloom.

The car driver having an argument with some random people.

Here we are near Sofia, an old cathedral that has been abducted and re-built into a mosque. It's a good summary of Istanbul, where totally different cultures live together.

These houses are right next to the mosque of Sofia.

Entrance towards Toopik.

Bosforus from the distance, one of the most important sea strips in the history of the world!

More sea action and some houses of the European side.

Sofia from the side, you can see that there are some parts that look rather Christian.


The Blue Mosque from the distance... Impressive!

More Blue Mosque action. Marvellous...

Sofia main side from the distance.

More Godly powers in action here!

Entrance in the Blue mosque from the side. Non muslims are not allowed to enter from the main entrance.

One of the doors to the Blue mosque.

A nice egyptian inscripted obelisk.

And some engravins at the bottom.

The Coran verses are all over the palce.

Nice golden celing of this building.

The Blue Mosque from the distance with a nice fountain bit. Really impressive.

A nice little door with a carpet behind!

Same story here!

The Blue Mosque from the bridge going back to the European part of Istanbul.

This building belongs to the European part but I don't know what it is.