Guadaloupe Holidays

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This year's holidays saw a great trip to Guadaloupe in the Carabbean with Marta and some friends.

Mata on the airplane.

Marvellous sunset as we got out of the airport. A great start of the holiday! (I swear I didn't take a shot at a postcard)

Our car.

The patio near our room, night shot without flash.

Me drinking in a nice salad restaurant in Saint Francois, the day we arrived.

Me and Marta at the restaurant.

A local came in, sat down, said he didn't want anything to drink and then walked out... He came in for a chat I think!

Nina, the dog in the house that we were renting. Nice dog, very friendly and apparently totally unable to do anything but sleeping.

A nice flower.

These trees are everywhere in Guadaloupe.

Another nice flower.

I liked this house, a little pond, a cow and palm trees!

This is the road that I used to run on in the mornings.

Nina up close.

Marta having breakfast.

I loved the colour of this flower.

Yet more strange flowers.

This is the garden of our house.

More wierd vegetation.

In St.Francois there is a big golf course.

This is "Raisin Claire" beach in St.Francois.

Palms, sky and white sand...

A "fugu", aka fish-ball. It was dead on the beach.

More interesting plants.

The group at Raisin Claire.

Paola bought a nice fish made with palm leaves.

Bogio in the swimming pool.

There are a lot of carts selling several things, this one sells... well I don't know really...

Selling pieapple by the truck load (literally)...

A nice restaurant.

This house is overlooking the harbour in St.Francois.

The main square at St.Francois.

A crappy sculpture. There are several in this island, one of the few nasty things on the island I think...

Lovely wooden house. There are a lot of old looking constructions.


Have a guess?

Marta liked this picture so I took it. She loved the fact that there are so many different types of leaves with a noce background. She was right!

Alessandra eating pizza for her birthday. (we were meant to eat lobster so I let you wonder how the evening turned out to be....)

Beach at St.Anne.

The woman realized that I was taking a picture even though I used my "top secret" technique for not being spotted...

That's her weapon of choice to make me pay for the error.

More palms and sky. Not being used to seeing so many palms they are quite amazing for the first few days.

Me at St.Anne beach (called "Caravelle").

Palms against the sun.

I love this shot it looks so.... CARABBEAN!

Marta at the house of our friends relaxing.

Cooking for the night. I love the kitchen set out like that!

Shops in La Moule.

More shops and market stalls.

A graveyard. Every cemetry in Gudaloupe is painted like that. I wonder why...

Jungle in la Baisse Terre.

This river looks like those Vietnam movies where the squad has to hunt the enemy...

A nice waterfall.

Me and Marta and the waterfall.

More jungle shots with a little green filter that my camera can apply.

This little lady was as cute as a pest. She kept crying over everything and disregarding the things that her mother was saying to her.

Fish at the "Custoe Park".

Underwater shot of a "Neptune Brain" (this coral is called like this) plus some other tubic coral.


More fish and tubic corals.

A whole swarm of fish.

And again. This Park is a National Park for the marine flora and fauna, so the fish was totally unafraid of men.

A night shot fom the patio at our place.

I loved the dress of this woman!

Cliffy coast in the North of the island.

All the people in on shot (apart from me).

Close up of this shelled crab. They were quite big for my standards...

A cave...

Purple flower, there were a lot on the beach.

More panoramic view at the northest point in Guadaloupe.

A lot of locals just chill out on their patio in front of their houses. Here an example.

A bus stop with cockrel

A little house.

More house action, this time I loved the colours.

The church in St.Louis.

At first I would have told it was a house. It comes out that it was a sort of first aid emergency room.

The view in St.Louis.

We had some creole dishes for lunch in this restaurant.

La Caravelle in St.Anne early in the morning.

A sea-star.

And a nice shell.

Linda and Giacomo.

Marta and Linda (who had her airdo made on that day).

Giovanni while having Lobster. (he has had a craving for lobster for more than a week by then)

Marta haggling with "DUDU" (so the guy called himself), a scene that words cannot describe, but I assure it was great fun to watch!

All the fruit displayed like that makes you really want to buy!

Dudu while performing his selling techniques (he could have sold us a dead seagull if he wanted)....

Point le Chateaux.

Marta in the middle of wild vegetation.

An areal shot from the top of Point le Chateaux.

Me and Marta and some sea.

More cliffs and rocks action.

Me looking cool.

The cross on the left is where we went to take the pictures.

There are a lot of people riding mopeds in the strangest fashions ever. This guy is holding a fuel tank..

Aim of a daytrip to the Baisse Terre there was this beach, of which of course I cannot remember the name.

Cow and Palm... What a combination is that!?

The (in)famous "MY WAY" ship found its real "WAY" one night in Guadaloupe by the looks of it...

Nice cliff made of vulcanic rock.

Un getting on the daytrip on this catamaran to go to the "Iguana Island" called Petit Terre.

Lovely weather during the trip..

HEI wait.. Captain, there is a storm coming!!

Errrr..... I love this shot, the ship entering the black clouded storm! Class!

Well, we did enter the storm as well..

Fianlly we arrived to la Petite Terre, it was worth the trouble.

This is the catamaran that we used.

Nice pic of palm, beach and sea. While snorkelling I managed to see a huge sea turtle, a once in a lifetime experience, too great to be described!

More palms.

The vegetation on the Petite Terre.

Do you see the Iguana?

And now?

More Iguana action.

Iguana and the beach, it seemed that she put herself in that pose to let me take a great shot!

I liked the colours in this picture.

The crew setting up the barbeque, those huge things on the left are indeed fish.

More crabs. The big one was ig like my fist. Increadible.

More iguanas on the beach.

A close up.

Bogio showing a nice shell.

A lot of trunks on the beach.

Bogio and the trunk.

And me too.

Here Bogio with "horns" (in Italy it means that your wife/girl is cheating on you).

This is the best shot of the day. I love the colours.

Iguana, beach and sea.

Linda diving.

Giacomo following suit.

Paola blowing the candles of her 40th birthday cake.

Presents, cake and of course Paola!

All togehter. From left. Bogio, Alessandra, Paola, Sonia, Alessandro, Giovanni, Me and Marta.

A cool guy walking down the street.

A cart selling ice cream, they make it with that wooden thing on the right, not sure how though...

Marta loved these houses.

People calling from a public phone.

A nice vegetation shot at a beach calle "Anse Maurice".

Anse Maurice again.

And again...

I love this shot.

A typical Guadalupean street.

Bogio sleeping...

And waking to the classic joke that we played on him!

A nice stand at the St.Francois market.

The spice seller. "Mama"(as I called her) was extremely nice with us she let us try a lot of things and was always smiling.

She deserved a picture.

The sugar cane liquid that they produce on the spot for you is what they use to make sugar and rhum.


We called this lady "the Pink whale"...

Little one.

Me feeding the fire for the final barbeque.

Giovanni was thrown in the pool with a clever trick.

We all got in, I cannot show the X RATED picture that came out later...

Little tiny geko in our room. Marta forced me to send him out but I like him!

Palms and sea at Raising Claire.

Me full of sand.