Knee, Christmas and New Year's Eve 2005

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I have spent a long time in Florence because of the knee surgery. This is the accounts until the end of the year 2005.


The night before the surgery I had to shave my right leg... It was rather strange and quite lengty.

Me two days after the surgery. I couldn't sit so I had to spend all day on the sofa...

The knee after the stiches were removed.

As you can see the swell is rather big, if felt like having a wooden pick right inside the knee...

"Bios" the cat on my bed. My only companion during the day.

Ivan at his place during a PRE-Christmas party (Pugi Cena).

Ivan and Federico.

Areal shot of the dining room.

Me and Gianfranco, we usually watch Fiorentina's matches together.

The dinner is almost about to start.

Another table shot.

Luca is showing us his IQ.

Federico, Laura and Elena.

Busy eating!

The feast is on, everyone is cutting the marvellous Pugi Schiacciata filling it with several ingredients.

An example of how wrong the whole thing can go.

Angela and a dish of meat.

Francesco and Gianfranco are dying of cholesterol.

Again Luca and his IQ.

Elena and Laura dying of cholesterol too...

Francesco in a rare picture, here he's trying to impersonate the world famous 8th Dwarf in Snowhite: "Dumb(o)"

Francesco and Elisa mating...

Mirko trying every imporper use of the hat.

Me beign stupid with the mini tripod of my camera.

Luana and Fabio.

Fransceso had his birthday celebrated that day too! Here he's trying to impersonate Sister Mary Theresa from Calcutta.

Mirko and another cake.

Blowing the candles!

EEEEEE Cheers!

The aftermath..

Here we are about to cook "Canederli" for the Christmas Lunch at my place with my family.

My mother and my gramother are looking at the table.

And again, the set up is all important in these occasions.

My cousin Matteo.

My aunt Dianella, gramother and mum in one shot!

The Christmas cake is here!

After Christmas it snowed quite a bit in Florence, a rare event deserving a picture.

More snowy pictures.

and again.

Here we are setting up for New Year's dinner. This is one of the fillings of the ravioli that we made (potatoe and black cabbage here).

This is the other filling (ham, mortadella, veal, pork, parmesan)

Need to braise it a little before making the ravioli...

Setting up for the party at Elena's house. In this pic we have Marta, Luca, Elena, Lura and Francesco

Gianfranco looking at the sheer amount of food...

Gianfranco, Federico and Mercogliano

Giovanni made the EVIL sausages and beans, this is howit looked before cooking... EVVVIIIILLLL

The ravioli with the sausages.

Making the dinner Francesco, Elisa and Laura are frying some stockfish-balls.

Nice pose of me, Gianfranco, Marta and Mercogliano.

Elisa and the stockfish balls...

Federico is preparing the Tuscan style Croutons.

At the table!

We all had these things before starting eating. Nice effect in a drak room, the flash spoils it all though...

More sparkling things.

and again.

The ravioli with rocket salad sauce are served.

Marvellous picture of Luca and Elisa setting fire to their creation. Look at the faces, POETRY IN ACT!

And eventually the "thing" got on fire...

Elisa and Laura created also this strange Giraffe.

Once lighted it produced a strange liquid, but we won't get in there describing what it is!

Francesco showing his IQ.

The evli sausages appeard. They were marvellous, of course, but in this picture it seems that they are going to be used for some sort of sacrifice...

Another sausage shot.

Mirko after the 4th bottle of Chianti.


Fireworks are a must.

More firework action.

and again.

The firework stash.

The party drew to an end, all the cholesterol and sugars were finally settling in...

Here we are trying to play some games.


Franscesco reading a book that I gave him. It's a satirical thing from a typical tuscan newspaper all written in dialect.