Japan in November 2006

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First proper business trip of the new "era", with new job and employers...

Nice one!! "DEPPRESSO" in Italian could mean "Depression". As a matter of fact if you weren't downhearted enough from the overtime and crazy schedule, here in Japan, you can get your very own can od DEPRESSION, just in case!

The train in the morning... Unfortunately the picture doesn't show how bloody crammed it is..

Tea and Cake, that was our snakky thingy on the first time I met John (quite a girly thing to do, but we got into an habit of doing girly things while in Japan)...

Me and Mr.Hwakins!

John and the tower of "Idont'rememberthename"...

Takashimaya and Tokyu Hands department store. They are always fascinating!

John on the right ordering beers (it was 1 Guinness and 1 Kilkenny)

I joined the picture (on the right still). I love my camera, no flash and great results!

John and Chie at the sushi place. The thing that they are pointing at is called "sea grape" a seaweed that its quite delicious.

John and Chie outside Shinjuku station, the Christmas lights were quite interesting.

More of that.

More Xmas lights.

And again.

This light gazebo was in front of the department store.

Shinjuku and Tochu-mae district from the roof of my company.

The moon and the National stadium.

More moon, zoomed and skyscrapers.

This one was done on porpuse, 2 seconds aperture timing and me moing the camera :D

More Tokyo by night.

And again.

Another experiment with shutter speed.

Again Tokyo at night with the moon.

You tell me what are these sandwitches made of!!

Nice little gardeny thing outside Harajuku station.

The Curry place that I used to go near the hotel, inside is like a station. Lovely!

There is this electric train track...I wonder...

More of the restaurant.

OH! The electric train is coming!!!

Now you have it! The train brings the food, and the names of the curries are not the normal names, but they are called "express", "super express" and so on, train classes...

The curry itself.

Todo-chan and Enzaki san!! They are two of my colleagues, absolutely splendid people!

More of them!

Harajuku on a Sunday it's a place for Cosplayers (Costume Players)


Interesting outfit!

More costumes.

The kids actually dress ON the bridge between Harajuku and Meiji Jingu, most of them would not be allowed to do so at home, as the family might force them not to do it anymore.

Nice Kimono there!

This is actually the REAL THING, family picture after the marriage, we are in Meiji Jingu.

There was the usual marriage to be held so I took some pictures, they are sooooo beautiful, it's irresistible!

I think he's the priest (maybe)?


The guests are all dressed in the same way, this is quite mandatory in these official cerimonies.

More family pictures.

A roof in Meiji Jingu, I liked it it looked very Medioeval.

Nice strange woodwork.

I must have taken 1000 pictures at this symbol, I just love it!

Outside, on Harajuku bridge, the wind was blowing.

OI! But the guy is actually stuck!

Great performer, it was done really really well, bravo!

Omotesando on a Sunday, look at the amount of people that are there... Increadible!

Nice outfit guys! (japanese fashion!!)

I love this store, especially the Panda character.

Harajuku station looks like a western station...

Right wing Parties slagging of immigrants and gaijin in Shibuya.

I loved this effect...

This GUY!! I met him at least 5 or 6 times during this trip. I cannot forget a strange way of dressing like that!

I then decided to follow him to see what he was doing, he just milled around the crowd with no real place to go...

Interesting person, I would have loved to exchange a few words...

More right wing parties.

In the office they have this thing where you put 100 yen and get some candies. The fact is that the candies are open to be taken even if you don't put the 100 Yen. I took the shot because it depicts how honest and respectful towards the community Japanese people are.

DROGA!!!!!! (it means DRUGS in Italian)

Nakamura san and Enzaki san at the last dinner on Friday.

Me and Uo-chan

And again!

Me and Naka-chan!

Some WHALE sashimi... LOVELY!