New Year 2006

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New Year's Party to salute 2006 leaving us behind!

The picture above me it's a present that I was given by a friend in my old company. She was selling those print and it is simply splendid hanged in my house now. Below me and Marta!

Fede and Giova cutting schiacciata for the marvellous "Schiacciada della Jolanda Cena". Unfortunately our favourite "Pugi" store was closed so we had to go at Jolanda's place to get a replacement...

The table. As you can see we are in a school hall eating!

Gianfranco climbing the stairs to the classrooms!

More pictures of the table.

Some classrooms.

This is a textile school, here is a very real hand loom!

Giovanni explaining us some algebra.

And here is the class!!! It was great to go back to a proper school after all these years!

Classic work from Gianfranco, the "CIPPA DI CAZZO" which was drawn several times over other people's books in school days. Today featured on the blackboard!

Laura and Elisa talking.

The food all arranged on the table...

In the middle of the several kinds of sliced meat.... Not very good picture...

A close up of "Lardo di Colonnata" (it's Lard that is kept in a marble cave for one year to gain flavour), it's a prelibacy in Italy (quite expensive)...

"Nduja" it's made of pork and spices, normally chilli peppers. I know that to many foreigners this looks like raw meat, but I assure you it's one of the nicest things ever! Typical of the south of Italy, very hard to find in Florence...

A typical effort (Francesco) of a "Schiacciata Ripiena" (filled schiacciata). As you can see there are a lot of different types of edibles inside.

Ivan proudly presenting a filled schiscciata with almost everything, the heavier the better.

"Struffoli" from Naples, Anotnio's mother made them for us. A lovely dough fried in honey!!!

The other dessert, Nutella mousse and mandatory whipped cream!

We hit the streets, here is Laura.

Some fireworks.

More of them around midnight.

And again.

More shots.

Piazza signoria after midnight. The idiots that go there every year cannot find better than throwing bottles in the middle of the square (breaking them) and creating a very nice glass shards carpet...

Via Calzaiuoli and Christmas lighting.

Ponte vecchio by night in a very nice mist... scaryyyyy

And again.

More ponte Vecchio actions.