Florence - July 2006

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This time I took some days off to go to Florence in a (failed) attempt to rest a bit and get some cool weather...

15:26:32 This subway has been completely painted, some of these murals are great!

15:27:25 I used to walk here when I was a kid and the most that you could see was a "Dio c'e'" (God is here) writing...

15:27:43 Faces...

16:02:13 A close pic of the main entrance of the Duomo

16:02:22 Nice painting on the top of the door!

16:03:00 Some statue (which saintis he?!).

16:20:31 Angels flock the city...

16:21:51 Shame that they are all drunken bastards! Heaven must be an hard place to live if they come down to Florence for a drink! (Note the sign "VINI")

16:23:51 At the back of Palazzo Vecchio near piazza S.Firenze.

16:59:56 More murals.

17:00:16 And again...

17:00:48 This one I liked especially!

20:43:15 A little Roman church near Fiesole.

20:51:51 Gianfranco near "I' Barroccino dell' Indiano" (that Indian cartlike junkyard leftover)

21:04:31 Inside the Indian restaurant, lovely Indian beer.

21:04:50 More indian restaurant interiors.

21:15:55 The curry, marvellous and delicious!

22:00:06 Here we are at Festa dell'Unit (Unity Festival, a left wing party event) in Florence.

22:19:58 La Ruota di Montespertoli. Basically a wheel of fortune.

22:29:01 Waiting for a Nutella crepe.

23:42:16 The "gut-stickers" stand (appiccicabudella).

21:58:21 Here we are at the same festival but in Legri, on the florentine hills.

21:59:00 Gianfranco (known right wing estremist) poses near the party flag!

22:00:54 More signs at Legri.

22:01:11 Again the "Ruota di Montespertoli". I don't know why Montespertoli, it's a crappy place on the mountains, but still it is a famous popular thing...

22:13:25 There was a show about the world cup, nothing major though...

22:13:34 More pictures from the show, The magician was an abysmal spectacle.

23:47:35 One of the stands was selling DOORS!!