Up North - July 2006

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Eventually we had to do it. The ritual goodbye dinner with all the colleagues and friends from these five years spent up north.

19:47:01 Michele and Massimo while having some sparkiling white wine.

19:47:12 Claudio, Gualtiero and Marta!

19:47:22 Cristiano, Marianna and Alessandro!

19:48:37 Here we are having some aperitif before the dinner.

19:48:59 Donato, the IT guy. I will miss him, I have worked a lot with Dona during these five years.

19:49:17 Antonella, her daughter, Tarci.

19:49:55 Giannina, the shipping department lady a great person with whom I have had a lot of jokes during these years. On the right, Ornella!

19:50:21 Giovanna,my very pesonal designer!

19:52:35 Marta and Marianna. We could say the old and the new Asian assistants all in one shot!

19:53:18 Franco!!! This guy is really quite marvellous. He takes care of all the technical bits and pieces on the looms and about the weaving of special articles. A very good friend, I'll miss him too!

19:53:47 Giorgio!! Another great guy, we have had so much fun in the canteen talking rubbish about women!

19:54:39 Ambika, the American market designer!

19:58:10 A general shot, there were twentyeight of us!

19:59:05 Giannina and Marta!

20:01:33 Stefania is leaving the company too, so we decided to have the party together.

20:02:20 Marta, Paola and Cristina.

20:02:58 More general shots...

20:03:36 Paola with a new hairdo!

20:04:25 Carlina, the Italian and Spanish markets assistant. All these people from the commercial department are the faces that I shared my Italian days with. Leaving will not be easy...

20:04:48 Gualtiero! Although he works for another division he's a great chap, we laugh all the time!

20:13:14 Choosing the pizza...

20:13:38 Claudia and Stefy.

20:21:14 Claudio arrived late. He used to work with us but then he changed company 3 months ago!

20:23:45 Tarci looking puzzled.

20:26:28 Chit chatting...

20:26:44 Giorgio tries to seduce Giovanna!

20:27:25 Giorgio and Giovanna after making out!

20:27:56 More Gualtiero action!

21:02:42 A fly in the wine...