Yet again a business trip to Asia

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This trip marked the end of a five year long period for me. As I left the company, a sayonara trip was decided, although only for a week this trip seemed to last forever.

The lobby at the Swisshotel in Osaka.

There are some sort of hanging gardens that can be seen from the outside...

Here we are walking towards the hotel after the meeting with Kutsunugi san. In Osaka there is this nice bridge where the Glico Man (to the right) is situated...

Some Japanese girls hanging around...

In Italian this means "VERY NICE BIRD (as in lady)" or "VER BIG MOUSE" or either can be used to refer to the female reproductive apparatus! :)

Marco (my boss), Kutsunugi san and Keiko.

Here we have yself in the picture as well...

Kutsunugi san and Keiko at the Yakiniku.

Proud to show the little paper aprons that we were given... :P

Back at the hotel there was this strange plant...

Marco myself and Namikawa san. She is one of the best designers in Japan, and a very good friend of me and Kutsunugi san.

And again all together!

Here we were eating chiken sashimi... Yes.. .that is RAW CHICKEN (on the right you have the liver)... It was simply great!

Me before the big meeting on Thursday.

Meiji Jingu, there was a wedding taking place.

And more wedding action.

Me checking the MAISON from the top of Park Hyatt in Tokyo... How cool is that?!


Dr.Hawkins and the buildings underneath.

Our table at the New York Bar. The same place where they shot Lost in Translation.

The singer was quite great, another memory of the movie! :)

Me and John after having entertained four girls :P

The face up there is probably less scary tha John!

While waiting for John and Chie I decided to take pictures of Japanese people...

And more...

John and Chie at Al Dente, the only place on earth where I eat spaghetti!

John next to the advertisment of a well known software company, which by the way is his actual employer....

Chie wondering about the maximum systems in life.

In the Edo Museum there where these full scale buildings. Quite impressive.

More buildings.

A nice cart.

A diorama of how Edo was in the past.

The figurines are really well detailed!

The ancient Japanese money.

More diorama action.It looks real if you don't know it's just a recontruction.

John practicing Sumo moves.

Nice little garden here..

I liked this guy who was feeding the pigeons it looks very calm and relaxed....

John is a real gentleman!


The Golden Turd and the Beer shaped building!

More Turdy action!

Ok guys, I have done it, it's all my fault!

Asakusa as you see it on every postcard. It's one of those "must do" photos....

And again...

The temple at Asakusa, it was closed so there is very little to see...

After a great veggie meal we moved to the Karaoke place. We meant to go for a long time and this was the venue!

Marvellous hour spent there it flew by in a whiff..

Karaokeing away...