Italy - July 2006

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A different weekend in July, trip to Milan and subsequent visit at Brunate!

16:07:39 Milan's Dome, one of the few gothic churches in Italy.

16:14:31 More shots at the church, I did an awful job here, the sky is superexposed and the facade is too dark... BAD LOX!

17:32:10 This is San Babila church, it gives the name to the square where it is located. I think I took the shot because the square is quite famous...

17:33:36 Via Montenapoleone is the street of fashion in Milan, but it's world famous for all the boutiques and designer shops. Incidentally is also one of the most expensive places on earth.

17:36:56 This is a shot that I "stole" from Polo R.L. store in Via Montenapoleone (see previous pic). When I was working for the American markets I had a chance to visit their offices in N.Y.C. and I have to say that the interior decoration at Polo is EXACTELY like this, quite marvellous, it seems to walk in an old library.

18:27:36 A pony in Milan.

11:58:18 This is already the day after Milan, we are in Brunate at Giovanna's house.

11:59:59 This is the view from the house. Brunate is set at the hilltop overlooking the lake, quite a marvellous sight!

12:00:27 The bedroom with the view!

12:15:59 More views from the windows.

12:18:18 And again...

13:34:58 Nice flower! (lily maybe?)

14:04:08 A typical house in Brunate.

14:04:33 Dunno what I wanted to shoot here, maybe Giovanna's house on the left, but it's covered by the tree...

14:04:56 The main church at Bruante.

14:05:30 Giovanna, Marta and Marco (Gio's husband).

14:06:50 These are the old wheels that use to pull the cable car up hill. Now they have been replaced by a newer system.

14:07:49 The new cable car.

14:08:07 Nice trees and panorama here...

14:08:49 Giovanna and Marta. (yet overexposed!!!)

14:10:02 Some rooftops.

14:10:22 This is the little bus that got us near the path in the forset that we eventually walked along. The driver was quite "mad", even by italian standards.

14:11:49 Giovanna jokingly arguing with the driver (who is her friend)...

14:23:23 There, we have Marco, Giovanna and the driver (Eros?). We had a very funny ride, and of course we went for free.

14:23:43 Here is the start of the path. There are a lot of houses like that in the forest...

14:49:41 An old crusty picking some poisonous plants.

14:54:57 Marvellous butterfly! (named the "Cavalli" butterfly after the famous designer)...

15:06:10 We eventually got up that peak!

15:12:35 The Como Lake from the hill.

15:18:25 This man didn't know that he was going to be featured a world famous site!

15:22:52 More butterfly action.

15:23:22 I need to work harder with the Macro function, the main subject is out of focus, but at least the background one is ok...

15:23:41 Giovanna.

15:24:03 Marco and Marta climbing the cliff.

15:26:37 I managed to find several wild straberries! :)

15:27:00 More pictures from the hill top.

15:27:34 Gio and Marco from behind.

15:28:00 More Gio and Marco action.

15:28:17 The lake from the highest poin of the walk. Quite impressive.

15:29:04 Marta, Gio and Marco resting.

15:36:11 I liked the tree on the left had side, and the horse far in the background.

15:46:25 This horse!!

16:08:05 Some goat (called Filippo apparently)

17:48:17 World Champions!!! :)

17:54:02 View from the balcouny at Gio's palce.

17:54:22 Giovanna's house is quite new, but the colours are splendid!