Florence June 2006

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Quick trip to Florence for some sightseeing and a birthday party!

My cat "Micia"

Nice little flower shot with a blue enhancing filter that it's built in my new camera

Brunelleschi Golden Door in front of the Duono and Giotto's Belltower.

Giotto's Belltower.

The main entrance of the Duomo's church (called Santa Maria del Fiore).

Internal shot of the Duomo (shot made with no flash!)

Lovely window.

Marta lighting candles in the Duomo.

Palazzo Vecchio.

Another shot to include the arches on the right hand side.

Europe, Italy and most importantly FLORENCE!

A close up of some of the creston on Palazzo Vecchio facade.

Marta and the David (copy)

I can't seem to remember the name of the statue, but it's important nonetheless...

Piazza della Libert, not exactely in the center of Florence but closer to my house...

The day was so windy that pigeons were not airborne and preferred to stay on the ground...

Marta sleeping with Micia..

At night in Sesto, there was a strange concert (quite shite)...

The view from my country house.

The country house that we should restore in the near future...

Going towards the villa.

Marta and my granmother.

Not sure what it is, but I have seen this creston for ages since I was little...

My late granfather office.

One of the rooms in the villa.

Dining room.

This caminet is HUGE you can stand inside it.

A stuffed owl.

A stuffed faesant.

The main bedroom.

And again with no flash.

Mortar and pestel are there!

Need some ox to pull this one...

Set of stairs.

Another shot of the villa.

Going to the cellar.

Olive oil urns.

With flash here.

Some ham in the making.

Yes it IS meant to be mouldy!

Mmmmmmmm flasks...

The wine vats, we have not used them in ages now...

The villa from outside on the back graden.

Me and my granny!!

A worm. Quite nice if you look hard enough.

The pine tree in the middle is actually ME. It was planted when I was born!

Me and micia sleeping.

Giovanni, Gianfranco and Marta, waiting to go to the pizzeria where Gianfranco birthday was to take place.

Gianfranco, i' Roghi and Alessio.

Choosing pizzas...

Alessio and Jutta.

More Gianfranco action.

Me and the birthday man!

Opening up presents.

AHA! An mp3 player!!

More amazemen.

Ivan and Angela.

Ale and Jutta.

Gianfranco also receives a very expensive watch.

More communal shots.

We then moved to the saddest pub on Earth, called "THE COCKNEY".

Beer was so SHITE that it tasted like cold urine, and they only had 1 type despite having at least 5 different brands on display.

Alessio and Gianfranco were quite sick the morning after due to the beer...

Ah! I forgot, England all over the place, shame that the only important thing (beer) was actually below standard!

Sadness in action.

A nice touch of purple!

The church of Santissima Annunziata.

Lovely shot! The church is massively baroque.

Palazzo vecchio and Uffizzi gallery all together!


More Palazzo Vecchio and Uffizzi.

Ponte Vecchio and the Arno river.

Marta drinking a "caff macchiato".

The Duomo from the balcony where we were quite happily having the coffee.