Marta's Farewell Party

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Marta's Farewell Party was a bit late (she has already left the company) but it was quite good nonetheless!

20:27:09 Carola and Lucia!

20:27:19 Viviana, Paola and Lorella

20:48:23 Claudio and Miriam

20:49:28 Manuela, Viviana, Paola and Lucia with Carola following closely.

20:50:05 Donato and Michele.

20:50:40 Claudio and Giannina...

20:51:09 Marta and the farewell cake!

21:00:27 At the table, a shot with no flash...

21:00:38 More table shots.

21:00:57 Stefania.

21:01:07 Manuela and Marianna, my two assistants!

21:09:45 Donato, the computer guy of the company!

21:10:02 Giannina (the shipping department responsible).

22:00:18 Carola being shy...

22:02:49 Manuela and Marianna playing with "My Mini-Ponies"... Average age: 3

22:04:02 Carola proudly presents the YELLOW one!

22:05:22 More table and Ponies action...

22:05:35 Marianna and Manuela are WELL into the Pony craze!

22:05:59 Stefania commenting on the shine of the hair.

22:06:29 Carola fishing for bogeys!

22:11:24 Marta, Lucia, Carola and myself got caught in the act of playing with such wonderful Toys!

22:12:14 Them Ponies up close and personal!

22:27:28 Marianna didn't want to be photographed here...

22:27:35 Spounting some bollocks as usual...

22:51:47 Another shot at the table + people...

22:56:25 Marta starts to unpack the presents.

22:56:55 Suspance.... what could it be?!

22:57:12 A BAG!!!

22:58:41 Furthermore there was a book as well!

22:59:30 Paola and Carola beign polite!