Vedano June 2006

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Nice dinner party with all the friends from Vedano Olona, the place where I live. The occasion was the Japanese curry that I promised to Cristina...

20:39:57 Waiting for the guests, you can barely spot Marta wheezing around the table. Fennel, Orange and Lard salad there on the dishes!

20:40:04 Gorgonzola, Robiola and chestnut spread, put on celery shoots. The red part is paprika sprinkled on top. Typical North Italian starter, served on an engraved Japanese plate.

20:40:17 Courgettes baskets with carrots and some tomatoes just for show... Very Italian starter here served on a Japanese plate.

20:46:36 The guests at the table, Bogio + Linda on the left, Alessandro, Paola then Alessandra and Marta.

20:47:20 Bogio and Linda close up.

20:48:13 Cristina and Marta (small version) arrived just in time for the dinner to start!

21:13:36 AHA! The main dish, Japanese Curry. I used a nice dish that I bought in Moroc, the rice (strictly Japanese) is put on the inner part of the dish, with the Curry poured inside. A typical Indian presentantion, in a Moroccan dish of a Japanese Curry!!

23:27:05 The star of the evining, a great Bordeaux that I bought in France 1 year ago. Marvellous bouquet, not so strong as a typical Bordeaux it was extremely easy to drink. Mellow, quite "warm" and flowery, truly a great wine. It went down marvellously well with the curry, especially with the potatoes and vegetables.