Japan March 2006

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First business trip to Japan in 2006. This time also Marta came, with another company, and I also managed to spend some quality time with John!

22:32:06 Alps from the plane on a clear day... Nice...

22:32:28 More alps plus orizon...

19:57:05 Marta in front of the Century Hyatt

20:58:28 Me and Marta on the bus to Shinjuku.

22:39:10 Interesting advertising blunder. NUDA in Italian means "Naked" I am sure that they did it on purpose though...

22:39:33 Dr.Hawkins in Harajuku!

00:30:54 Chie and John and the evil Kushiage restaurant.

00:31:33 My selection of "to fry" things...

00:34:04 John pointing his nice gay apron.

00:34:20 Marta earing something extremely greasy and fried...

00:36:58 John about to deep fry his piece of bread.

01:14:47 All together at the table!!

12:47:38 Marta pretending to play with my computer...

12:55:00 The usual three huge lamps of the hotel where we usually go to. I must have taken this picture a million times...

12:55:51 Marta having a proper breakfast after 2 weeks of "cornershop" food.. ("Conbini" in Japanese)

15:30:46 Tea room and John looking rather gay.

16:44:40 Some nice multicoloured cabbages.

16:44:59 The white one.

16:45:26 And the purple one.

16:51:37 John pointing the avocado on the avocado tree.

16:52:41 A huge grapefruit, we think, dangling from this tree.

16:54:53 Some evil plant resembles a set of deadly talons.

16:55:10 A nice flower!

16:55:57 More nice flowers.

16:58:42 Lovely picture of the "Japanese style garden" in Shinjuku gyohen.

17:00:52 Ah the photographer caught on camera!

17:05:39 Nice romantic view of the sakura (cherry blossoms), hashi (bridge) and henna ishii (Strange stone)...

17:14:52 Mmmmm and weren't they supposed to be pink?

17:15:04 They are not cherry blossom, but some other blossom as it's clear...

17:18:44 The "Chinese style garden" had this nice chinesy looking building overlooking the lake and garden.

17:26:29 Some magnolias...

17:28:52 Bridge over troubled waters.

21:28:05 I especially love this picture. Quercus Bar, iced water and great whiskey.

00:10:27 Chie sister, Chie and John being hit with a box of chocolate mushrooms...

00:11:18 Me and John before we said goodbye...

00:15:31 Chie and Chie's syster again.

03:28:44 I met Marta later that evening, she was in the mood for some ice cream...

15:35:58 Marta coming out of her MARVELLOUS HOTEL...

18:23:47 During the fair there was the final of the first world baseball tournament. Japan won the final match, thus becoming the first world champion ever, all the electronics shops have been packed with people watching the match.

18:25:09 The crowd cheered and booed as if it was at the stadium, but all was very organized (even police inside the store to manage the traffic of people coming and going), and generally civilized. I cannot think if something happened in Italy, people would probably kill each other in the mess..

20:39:23 A nice lady in Kimono..

20:42:42 Another Italian joke here. SEGA means "Wank", therefore we have the WANK CLUB for us here.

22:54:31 Marta Kutsunugi san and Keiko san at the Kushiage restaurant.

02:33:28 Marta in Starbucks the last evening of her trip.

16:33:33 Ueno Kohen, I tried to go to do some hanami, but I was quite unlucky with it...

16:34:06 Negative Mikuji (fortune tell) are tied to these racks waiting for the wind to blow them away... Poetic!

16:35:04 Some more proto-sakura action.

16:37:20 A lovely Doraemon shaped cream cake seller.

16:39:39 A nice Te-Harai place. You wash your hands and mouth before praying.

16:40:25 The incense holder. The use is to move your hands as to gather the smoke and direct it towards several parts of your body, to help you recover from an injury or make things better. If you have a love problem, then put the smoke to the heart, an exam is the head, or if simply you have a phisical problem try to direct the smoke towards that part.

16:42:29 Again the Te harai.

16:44:42 Interesting there is a sign of "NO FISHING" in this awfully polluted pond. I wander, who in a sane state of mind would stick a fishing rod in there?

16:52:12 Takoyaki! (Octopus balls) I love them!

17:08:24 More Tori (gate) and sakura.

17:18:50 Nice completely white cherry blossom.

17:20:45 More Cherries.

17:29:53 I loved this iron ball. Looks like an Escher painting.

19:05:47 Taiko Drumming!

19:05:47 SEE THE MOVIE (20megs mpg) MARVELLOUS!!