Luca and Laura's Wedding

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Luca and Laura decided to get married. The venue is Follonica, on the sea!

00:08:24 Staurday Morning, at the hotel. Federico, Marta, Merco, Angela and Ivan.

00:09:25 Marta and Angela together with a view on the hotel.

00:10:26 Ivan trying to impress the audience.

00:10:57 I could NOT resist doing the same. I think one of the ugliest pictures that I have even featured in my life.

00:17:12 Group picture with the small extensible tripod.

00:29:59 Marta popping out of the pizzeria where we ate some lunch.

02:00:54 Gearing up for the pre-wedding venue (food and drinks).

02:01:37 NICE SHAPE THERE!! (the cactus is quite conspicuous in its shape).

02:02:18 Marta.

02:20:45 The pre-wedding party could easily cater for 300 people.

02:22:00 THE GROOM!

02:22:05 Now, that's better, this is more like the normal Luca that we know!

02:33:00 Franz and Elisa.

03:04:47 Federico waiting at the local church.

03:05:43 Mirko complaining about pictures.

03:05:49 Chiara chatting away.

03:10:31 The Nazi chrsitian-fundamentalist priest.

03:14:57 THE BRIDE enters the church.

03:15:52 At the altar...

03:21:56 Angela reading some God-related stuff, and the about to be wedded couple...

03:24:17 I tried to take a fancy picture here but the result is was quite sad...

03:45:28 More cerimony pictures...

03:47:35 About to say the fatidic "YES".

04:04:46 Some pre-communion action here.

04:06:49 MRS. and MR. BRETINI!!!!

04:18:29 The church was rather small and hot, everyone rushed out waiting for the couple to follow.

04:19:31 Giovanni proudly shows some of the projectiles chosen for the venue. LASAGNE. Saving the quite normal rice we had some MACCHERONI, Dry TAGLIATELLE and SPAGHETTI!!

04:20:48 Marta with some dried TAGLIATELLE ready to shoot!

04:23:52 Coming out...


04:24:15 Mirko attacks from behind with a PASTA FILLED baloon!

04:24:21 The aftermath is quite heavy... You can also spot a spaghetto coming out of the bouquet!

04:24:52 Recovering....

04:29:11 We filled the getaway car with lots of air baloons!

04:34:45 The BRIDE!!

04:41:51 Luca biding his time...

04:42:03 Giovanni, Mirko and Luca talking...

04:42:48 Laura tries to enter the car but the baloons are stopping her to do so!

04:44:01 Baloon filled car.

05:45:51 I tried another impressive picture from the poolside risking the camera, the result is TOTALLY SHITE!

05:47:40 Me an Marta.

05:51:34 All together group of friends! Top Row: Fede, Elena, Chiara, Christian, Ivan, Angela, Franz, Elisa, Fabio, Luana, Merco and Giovanni (almost hidden). Bottom Row: Maryazzurra, Andre, Mirko, Myself and Marta.

05:52:48 Same story but with less people.

06:23:25 Luca and Laura singing (awful performance by Luca but at least he tried)

06:28:11 Kissing....

06:36:06 A picture of Elena taking a picture of me taking a picture of her taking a picture ....etc etc etc

06:51:48 Luca and Laura making trials of baby holding.

07:20:48 Our table, named after the "Gladiator".

07:21:21 Another table given to our community...

07:26:26 First ste of jokes, Mirko joins the newly wedded in BOG ROLL!

09:29:35 Luca has a go at singing again.

09:37:54 SECOND JOKE. While conning Luca into a blind kissing session we got Giovanni fressed up as a bride and....

09:38:26 Giovanni looks more like Mary Theresa from Calcutta rather than a bride!!

09:39:00 Still the first part of the joke...

09:39:17 A sudden change of bride here!!

09:39:31 Giovanni has a go at Luca for refusing him!!

09:39:40 Clash of brides!

09:39:58 Luca is a bit puzzled...

09:40:41 The false bride tries to have some sort of intercourse here!

10:50:16 Dancing away!

10:54:38 Party party!!!

11:10:45 The wedding cake.

11:26:36 We couldn't leave this out!

11:28:36 CLASS!

11:29:30 THIRD JOKE. The Bride is given a letter from an alleged Luca's girlfriend who says she's pregnant.

11:36:36 FOURTH JOKE. Luca is conned into licking off the red berry from the cream pie without using the hands. You can imagine 5 people pushing his head in the plate!

11:36:59 Cleaning the mess..

11:38:23 Laura proudly presents....

12:40:22 FIFTH JOKE. Luca is wrapped...

12:41:14 And again...

12:41:58 And more....

12:42:53 Finally Laura come to his aid!

12:44:00 And helps him out!

13:25:41 SIXTH JOKE. The car is wrapped in toilet paper.

13:26:20 Some mice and keyboards are attached to the rear of the car.

13:28:47 And a terrible VIETNAMESE booby trap prevents him from opening the doors!!!