Andeer Jan 2005

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Business trip to Japan with Carmine.


07:25:46 Me and Carmine on the plane.

13:09:53 The Tokyo Century Hyatt is really grand when you enter the main hall. This picture doesn't give a clear idea on how big are these chandeliers.

13:42:10 I met briefly John and Chie. Mr.Hawkins was going to Seattle for 3 weeks, it was a shame that I arrived the day he was leaving!

13:50:53 Mr. Pirisino and Mr. Hawkins

16:32:29 Carmine at Mejii Jingu. These are the sake kegs placed before the main entrance.

16:35:59 A nice flower...

16:36:25 A bunch of nice flowers.

16:36:41 Yet again some yellow flowers...

16:37:18 Ah! More flowers!

16:37:48 Marvellous bonsai dioramas.

16:38:00 A diorama depicting mount Fujii.

16:39:16 More bonsai action.

16:39:39 There trees are really amazing, both in colours and shapes..

16:40:18 Before entering Mejii Jingu there is the classic ritual of the hand washing...

16:41:31 Take the water...

16:41:34 Wash one hand...

16:41:41 Wash the other hand...

16:42:40 Place the little wooden bowl back. (after having drunk some water..)

16:44:37 Inside the shrine yet more flowers.

16:45:12 A nice Ikebana composition here.

16:47:33 The Taiko! (See movie later)

17:02:48 On Sunday of course there are all the COSPLAY (customes play)! Carmine was rather shocked...

17:03:21 This is actually a GUY! The nice thing about cosplay, is that these people dress up to be here on Sunday, then before leaving they change back to their normal appearence and go back home as if nothing had happened!

17:03:41 More cosplay.

17:04:36 The Harajuku bridge from above.

17:04:44 The guy !!!

17:04:51 More strange people...

17:05:08 A lonely cosplayer...

17:12:28 I had to take a picture of these ... THINGS:..

17:13:02 Brownie...

23:55:24 Carmine and Kutsunugi san at the Yakiniku place!

00:00:00 Chhhhhheeeeeeessssseeeee

00:00:39 Me and Keiko san! Rocking!

12:48:05 The view from the elevator at the Century Hyatt..


13:26:10 Carmine in our stand at the Tokyo Forum.

13:27:01 No pictures! No cuttings!

13:30:52 Same story but with a twisted meaning that I leave the reader to imagine.

13:31:26 Oh yes... Give it to me!!

17:01:35 The forum from above.

02:15:09 My room in the hotel.

00:31:49 Me an Kyohei at Rei!

01:03:41 Mama san while cooking. She is really a professional, cooks marvellous things!

03:53:28 LOBU CHAN!!!

03:54:49 My room at the Kutsunugi's.

04:03:10 That will be me under the duvet.

19:47:35 Three rolls of fabric neglected by the vast majority of the people in this office.

22:14:41 Me eating some Obento on the Shinkansen to Tokyo!

22:52:51 One of my usual attempts at picturing reflecting surfaces without getting the camera in the picture!

22:53:58 Kutsunugi san reading some sport news.

22:54:26 The Shinkansen hall, it looks like a plane!

17:00:46 A rare example of what you should NOT do in marketing a product..(it's an advert for some security company)...

22:57:00 Sushi at O-Tabe!

22:59:39 A marvellous dish, Sashimi of this shell.. The meat was well hard, but the taste of ocean is still in my mouth!

23:26:18 The restaurant.

23:26:36 This is Taisho (means general in military ranking, but it's used in sushi places ONLY to call the cook).

23:29:25 And here is Taisho with the other two helpers. They are really great and the sushi in this place is truly UNBEATEABLE. Too good.

17:06:53 A funny building in the middle of Tokyo...

15:00:34 Harajuku in the morning. Usually there are throngs of people here.

15:05:55 A Xmas tree! Huge..

15:21:44 Omotesando!!! Namely the road to the temple.

15:27:08 This fabric moves downwards and the iron plate folds it so that the design changes.. Interesting...

16:11:32 Going again at Mejii Jingu.

16:14:57 More Sake action.

16:15:51 A nice close up.

16:19:49 I like this pic with the family inside.

16:20:20 The little lady had a marvellous kimono on.

16:25:41 I love this temple toooo much. Nobody in the picture, another record.

16:26:41 Here I tried to squeeze as much as I could into the frame..

16:28:01 Wooden door.

23:15:19 Chie at Negishi.

23:18:08 Me at Negishi!

21:13:57 The airport lounge just before leaving.

21:13:57 WATCH THE MOVIE of the TAIKO beign played!