Taipei and Korea November 2005

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Business trip to Korea and Taipei.

17:11:16 Marrouce in fornt of the restaurant trying not to fall into the picture!

17:11:51 Me and Marrouce waiting to be seated.

17:31:15 The restaurant is the most famous in Taipei for dumplings. People from Japan and foreigners were flocking the place, plus of course the locals. The queue was quite a spectacle.

19:17:09 Ahhhh Asparagus Juice.... :(

19:25:47 A church in Taipei.

15:37:04 Jimmy while waiting for a client.

23:58:20 Me, Jimmy and Richard

02:10:01 Richard, "scarlet woman" and Richard's friend (Mr.Hwa maybe...)completely plasted.

02:13:41 Richard showing his dancing powers!

02:17:49 A bit of a warped out pictures, taken on a very slow shutter speed

02:19:21 Another friend joined, I think I didn't even speak to him...

02:42:51 Jimmy paying with yet another "lady of the night" at a game that they tried to explain me but I couldn't understand...

02:27:01 My room in Taipei before leaving..

15:25:11 My bags collection!

15:27:56 The Taipei airport.

03:29:31 The upgraded room that I have managed to get in Korea!

03:30:04 And again... Marvellous!

00:41:38 Me, Mr.Choi, Mr.Hwang and Mr. Kan at the Dog restaurant.

00:42:10 Mr. Pyon, Me, Mr.Choi, Mr.Hwang and Mr.Kan. All together finally!

14:15:50 Terrible traffic in Seoul...

16:27:22 A nice grocey store.

21:14:13 The Korean sunset