Alessandra Goodbye Party

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It wasn't just Marta, Myself, Stefania and Maurizio leaving... This time it was Alessandra's turn!

My old company hasn't changed a bit, at least under the workspace set up point of view.

Here we are in this typical German Restaurant called Kaputzinner.

Michele looking at the camera...

Alessandra (in the middle) is the party girl!!

Daniele and Lucia (who is about to have another baby!!).

More people, there were so many of us that we had to be divided in two tables.

Claudio and the mighty Donato!!

Fromn the left, Stefania (who also left the company), Giovanna looking drugged and Massimo (marvellous kid!!)

We have been waiting for the beer and bread quite a long time...

Alessandra looking happy.

Marco (the boss) worked a long time with Alessandra and of course he wasn't all that happy about her leaving.

Pierre waiting for the beer!

Claudio and Donato from a different angle..

Alessandra reading the "best of luck" cards...

Ale and Marco kissing!

The aftermath!

A present!

Ale reading yet more cards...

And again...

Opening the presents!

She was very excited of course.


More "thankyous" and commoton here..

Paola hands Alessandra another card. Usually everyone leaving gets a set of funny cards, made by sicking several bit and pieces from different pictures to have funny "shots" work related in the majority of the cases...


Franco was convinced by the geramn waitress that it is German custom to drink beer and eat pickels at the same time...

Ale and the cake!


This one with the flash (just in case)...