Prato and Federico's Birthday

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Returning from the trip to Japan we went to Prato to witness to some firework display and an historical parade, plus a birthday party for Federico.

Carrying a what seems to be a wine barrel...


The castle setting was quite nice.

I love this Firework function on the Canon!

The pictrures are quite impressive!

Nice one!!

More fireworks in action.

And again.

Incidentally the show was disturbed by some wind, but the effects that they wanted to creat are quite nice.

In all honesty it wasn't the BEST firework show ever seen, but then again it was a decent effort.

More fireworks!

Have a guess...

Nuff said.

Ah golden tounges!

Here it seemed that the castle was about to explode.

These were rather nice.

I really don't know what to say more!

Probably the best shot of the evening.

Choice was quite hard as there are quite a lot of pizzas in this restaurant.

The birthday man!

Francesco and Stefano looking gay (in an homosexual way).

Me and Elisa after we banged our head into each other.

This time we didn't hurt our precious brains!

Federico and the present (notice that the expression is exactely as the previous piucture).

Here we thought about adding some flavour to the picture.

And the unmissable birthday cake.