If you are a boy or a girl, 13 to 18, you can join. Come on down on either Wednesday or Friday at about 7:15pm for a chat with the Commanding Officer and a guided tour of the Squadron. It's normally best to wear school uniform or something smart. This way, you will fit in with the cadets better. That night, you will be given some information and some forms for your parents to sign and then you can come back the very next parade!

First Few Weeks

For the first weeks, you will get involved in all the same activities that the cadets do. After about a month, you will be fitted for a uniform (with a 10 deposit) and soon after that you will be enrolled. You need to be enrolled before you can get to do any weekend activities (such as camps and flying).


Come down and have a look at the Squadron to see if you think it is for you. There is no pressure to join, just enthusiasm from those who have it enjoyed it for so long.