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Back to the UK

Posted on 2008/11/12 22:10:24 (November 2008).

[Friday 7th November]
So my time in New York had some to an end, and early this morning I was heading to the airport to fly back to the UK.

It was really rather an early start - I had not wanted to get an overnight flight, given that I can never sleep in planes, and it seemed my only other option was one leaving New York at 8AM - which meant I officially had to be in the airport at 6AM - and so to be on the safe side I left my corporate apartment at 5AM, which meant getting up at 4:30 AM.

In fact I'd been on call overnight as the actual oncall engineer was on a plane - and true to form I got pages at 3:30AM. So I didn't really get a whole lot of sleep, all told.

Anyway, I found it pleasingly very easy to find a taxi at 5AM, and was in Newark airport by around 5:30. This I slightly regretted, given that it turned out to be a pretty small airport, and fairly deserted at that time of day - I'm pretty sure I could have arrived at least an hour later and still made it through security etc in plenty of time for my flight. There was pretty much nothing in the way of cafés, shops etc, so I had a rather boring time hanging around waiting for my flight.

I think my flight actually left early in the end - there were so few people on board, and all of them were at the gate a good while ahead of when they needed to be.

On the plane I watched the usual melange of films, most of which were not really that great. Some parts of Kung Fu Panda were mildly entertaining I suppose.

We landed at Heathrow ahead of time - before 8 - and rather superbly Chie had decided to come to the airport to meet me, which was really nice.

Mum had come to stay this weekend, so we headed back to the flat to meet her there, just popping into Marks and Spencer on the way back to pick up something for our dinner. So we then spent the remainder of the evening back at the flat, chatting with Mum, before I went to bed for a very welcome sleep.

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