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Doctors and A New Project

Posted on 2009/05/09 22:18:51 (May 2009).

[Friday 8th May]
Went to the doctor first thing this morning to get them to prod my stomach a bit, and got a referral for yet another scan. Alas it seems like the hernia is back, which could mean having to go in for another operation at some point. Bugger.

Still, having got that out of the way I actually started to feel a bit better today, and with the aid of some regular off-the-shelf painkillers was quite fit to go back to work this morning.

On a more positive note, it sounds like I may finally have a new project to move to - possibly even starting as early as next week - and it's in an area I'm personally really interested in. Even though I'm staying with the same company, and will be in the same office, it'll probably be the biggest career change I've had to date - everything I've done so far has been at least loosely connected with TV, but assuming all goes to plan, as of next week I'll be in a completely different area - to do with maps, location based services and a hint of social networking.

Tonight was my last evening by myself before Chie returned from Japan, so in a fit of geekish sloth I ordered in a pizza and devoured it in front of the computer whilst working on my current pet project (which I'll hopefully reveal at some point in the near future). It was very nice indeed.

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