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Sunday with Chie

Posted on 2009/05/17 09:19:59 (May 2009).

[Sunday 10th May]
Spent the day having "quality time" with Chie to make up for the two-and-a-bit weeks we hadn't seen each other while she was in Japan. It pretty much fell into the normal pattern of a typical weekend day for us - got up late, pottered around in the flat a bit in the morning, then went out in the afternoon for a combination of a bit of a walk and a bit of shopping. Today we decided to head over to King's Road, on foot in fact. Once there we were a mass of indecision about where to have lunch - we actually went and sat down in one place then got up again and left, when we got the distinct impression it was overpriced and pretty naff looking - having had a number of very disappointing dining experiences over the years I think we're now getting pretty good at predicting when and where they're going to happen.

So instead we just went to Marks and Spencer and bought food for a picnincky sort of lunch as well as something for dinner. We sat and ate our lunch on the Chelsea embankment, close to the Albert Bridge. Not quite as nice at it sounds - we were effectively sitting next to a very busy main road (!) - but still the view was quite pleasant and we were hungry by this point so didn't care. We meandered back home flat from there by way of Battersea Park, which was quite nice, albeit a bit windy and dusty today, so we were continually stopping to try and fish bits of debris out of our eyes.

Back at home in the evening we had a very lazy meal for dinner, consisting mainly of ready prepared Marks and Spencer products. I have to admit I rather like their roast potatoes. As a small tip of the hat to proper cooking I reheated the vegetable stew I'd made the other night to go with the other bits and pieces. It was actually quite nice.

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