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Starting the New Project

Posted on 2009/05/17 09:33:10 (May 2009).

[Monday 11th May]
I made a start on the new project at work today - I think my transfer is not actually quite 100% officially approved yet, but it seemed like most people were already considering it a done deal, and I didn't particularly feel like dragging it out any longer.

So it's really great to have a fresh set of challenges and all that, and it's also good that I'm working on something people may actually have heard of now! So I'm generally feeling very good about work again at the moment.

There is a slight downside though - I like to think I had built up a good reputation for myself with the previous project, and as I'll now be working in a completely different area and with completely different people, I sort of have to start all over again from scratch. So I'm really hoping I can churn out something worthy of recognition in my first few weeks on the new project.

Went out after work for just one (literally) quick drink with a couple of people from what I suppose I ought to start calling my former team. I suppose this is the other downside of my transfer - I do hope moving to the new project is not going to mean an end to social activities with these guys, as there are a few people on the team I've grown quite fond of, and I really rather enjoy our occasional after work drinks. My new desk will be just a stone's throw away (or regrettably as is often the case in my office a nerf gun fire away) from my old desk, so hopefully I won't suddenly become forgotten about.

Chie made dinner this evening, similar to yesterday's dinner it was a combination of more or less ready made food from Marks (in this case mushroom tortelloni) combined with some reheated leftovers from a previous properly home cooked meal (the pasta sauce from Saturday) to make us feel a bit less slothful about eating what are almost tantamount to ready meals.

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