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Posted on 2009/05/23 09:37:49 (May 2009).

[Wednesday 20th May]
Rather superbly, Robin had been invited to a function at Downing Street this evening. As he'd be coming into London specially for that, but it was only for a couple of hours, we'd arranged to meet up afterwards and go for dinner.

I headed over to Whitehall straight from work, as it's a reasonably short walk from my office. The sky was rather magnificent this evening and I managed to get a couple of very nice pictures of the Houses of Parliament on my way past.

Whilst waiting for Robin I tried out The Westminster Arms, one that had been on my to do list for some time, but I'd never quite got around to going to. It was actually rather nice inside.

I then proceeded on from there to the Red Lion where I'd arranged to meet Robin. I had a very pleasant half hour or so standing outside there, enjoying the lovely early evening sky over Westminster, and taking advantage of having the Internets at my fingertips on my Android phone.

Once I'd met up with Robin, I decided it would be in keeping with the Parliamentary theme of the evening to dine at Shepherd's, which was sort of on the way back to the flat from Whitehall, and is apparently quite popular with people from Parliament. I can't say I thought the food was particularly wonderful considering the prices, and I particularly remember the notably naff side salad (iceberg lettuce, cucumber with the edges cut off and cress) but I definitely enjoyed the atmosphere in there, which is just how I'd hoped it would be.

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