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Pizza, Beer, Falafel and Ice Cream in New York

Posted on 2010/05/15 16:51:24 (May 2010).

[Wednesday 5th May 2010]
Continuing in their efforts to change my opinion of the food in New York, tonight a big team outing was organised to a pizza place called Patsy's which several of them considered to be one of the better New York pizzerias. I like to think I went there with an open mind, but I was a bit underwhelmed. There was nothing wrong with it particularly, it was just a bit bland and unexciting. I guess Americans and Europeans just have a very different idea of what pizza should be.

Anyhow, disappointment with the food aside, it seemed rude not to make the best of the opportunity to socialise with my New York colleagues, and so after the pizza place I proposed we should go and find somewhere to have a drink, and from there on it turned into a rather long night. I think we went to a total of three different bars, but as I was just following the locals I didn't really pay much attention to where they were or what they were called. All seemed to be quite beer focused - the first had a definite Belgian slant, the second had an impressive array of what I assumed to be beers from local microbreweries and the third, well, I don't really remember the third. A surprise hit of the evening was a blueberry beer at the second bar. Sounds like an abomination but if the Belgians can make cherry and strawberry beers why can't the Americans make blueberry beers?

The evening ended with a late night visit to a falafel place - I suppose this is the New York equivalent of going for a kebab. Pleasingly though the falafel version is somewhat more vegetarian compatible and I recall rather enjoying this. Then inexplicably an ice cream van arrived seemingly from nowhere. I don't think I've ever had an ice cream at 3AM before.

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