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Magnificent Maps

Posted on 2010/05/15 23:53:13 (May 2010).

[Sunday 9th May 2010]
What a delight it was to wake up in London this morning.

My friend Al had proposed going to take a look around the Magnificent Maps exhibit at the British Library today. Probably a very good idea to get out and do something the first day back to avoid the temptation of giving into jetlag and having an afternoon nap.

Also met Al's new girlfriend, Charlotte, for the first time today.

Really enjoyed the exhibit - particular highlights for me were a splendidly absurd Grayson Perry take on the Mappa Mundi, and a rather fabulous Victorian schoolroom map of Europe, in impressive full colour. Also took a look at what I assume to be a permanent exhibition of the British Library's "treasures" which was interesting in and of itself - I didn't realise they had one of the four copies of the Magna Carta there.

After the exhibit, we wandered from the British Library toward the centre, and had lunch at Busaba Eathai, the "communal dining" Thai place which seems to be enjoying continuing unwavering popularity. I then introduced Al to the Dog and Duck, which it seems he hadn't been to before, and in turn he introduced me to a bar called Lab.

Somehow it was suddenly then dinner time so, as we happened to be in that neck of the woods, I proposed okonomiyaki at Abeno Too, which seemed to be rather well received.

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