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New Government

Posted on 2010/05/16 00:05:58 (May 2010).

[Tuesday 11th May 2010]
Popped into the supermarket on my way home from work as the cupboards were getting a little bare. Plonked the shopping down in the kitchen when I got back, and went for a quick lie down. I think I must have had a bit of a delayed reaction of the jetlag, as I actually dozed off. It was rather a nice sensation actually, I felt very relaxed indeed, London seemed briefly very quiet and peaceful.

Then I woke up, started to make dinner, turned on the telly, and suddenly wondered how long I'd actually been asleep for. I had of course been following all the post election coverage of the hung parliament, and thought things might continue in this limbo state for some time. So it was really a bit of a shock to switch on to Gordon Brown's resignation speech, and hear Cameron being referred to as the new PM. I suppose I should have accepted this as inevitable as soon as I heard the election result last week, but I'd either been ignorant or just very optimistic and it really wasn't until this evening that it sunk in.

So, it's back to the 1980s then...

I'm so glad I had that little nap before I heard the news - it would be the last time I would feel at ease for some number of days.

Comment 1

For me it was more worrying that the result meant *more* people actually voted Con. What a short-sighted and fickle bunch.

However ... I guess the Lib-Dem influence might help curb any right-wing madness, so maybe it won't be like the 80's - with any luck.

Posted by Nigel at 2010/05/17 08:54:37.

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