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Posted on 2010/05/21 08:29:55 (May 2010).

[Thursday 13th May 2010]
Having spent the last few nights in by myself (Chie still being away in Japan) I decided I should get out this evening.

Thanks to a handy trick in Google Maps I was able to look around for pubs mentioned on the excellent (which focuses on interesting historic London pubs) that I hadn't yet been to. I decided therefore that Kensington might be a good area to head for.

So I tried out the Scarsdale and the Elephant and Castle, both decent enough pubs in their own right. The Scarsdale was definitely the more well heeled of the two, but seemingly not irritating with it - the staff were certainly friendly and the regulars seemed relatively inoffensive. The Elephant and Castle was much more your typical down to earth boozer, and very handy to know given it is a stone's throw from High Street Kensington tube.

Having recently seen the feature "London's Best Pizza" in Timeout, and wondered, somewhat incredulously, why Oliveto didn't get so much as a mention; I had been keen to try some of these places. So tonight I went for dinner at Da Spago. It was, OK I guess, but not really in the same league as Oliveto, which of course was an outcome I actually found quite satisfying.

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