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Birthday/Farewell Drinks for Andrew

Posted on 2010/05/23 09:41:21 (May 2010).

[Friday 14th May 2010]
Andrew at the office was going to be taking a two month break from next week to go sailing, joining a crew for a leg of a round-the-world yacht race. It was also his birthday, give or take a day, so some sort of celebratory event was very much in order. Started off superbly with a couple of bottles of Veuve Cliqcuot in the office (it seems like a while since there has been decadent behaviour like this), then went along to the usual end-of-the-week-beer-and-pizza thing, before eventually heading out to a couple of pubs.

I'd originally proposed that we could attempt a pub crawl of all the pubs in central London called the Ship (a fittingly nautical theme), but by the time we left the office, there wasn't much of the evening left, so this was somewhat more modestly refined to just going to the pub nearest the office which was (sort of) called the ship - in fact the Ship and Shovell. On the way there we also popped into the nearby Sherlock Holmes to get a quick pub dinner.

Had forgotten just how great a pub the Ship and Shovell (or should I say pair of pubs?) is, and the Sherlock Holmes really isn't that bad either, despite its obvious tourist appeal.

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