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Design for Living

Posted on 2010/09/26 16:22:24 (September 2010).

[Thursday 23rd September 2010]
Having stayed in all week so far (I decided to have a complete break from drinking this week which pretty much precluded any kind of social event) I deemed it would be good to try and do something which would get us out of the flat (but didn't necessarily require any drinking to be involved), and so this afternoon had a look around on the web to see what was on at the theatre.

Was pleased to find a Noel Coward play - Design for Living - was on at the Old Vic, and it seemed easy enough to get tickets at the last minute.

So, I met up with Chie after work, we had a quick pre-theatre dinner (tapas at Meson Don Felippe on The Cut) beforehand, and then headed over to the Old Vic.

The theatre was only about half to two thirds full - not sure why really as I thoroughly enjoyed the play (and I'm very easily bored when it comes to this sort of "cultural" activity). The first act dragged a little bit, but there were a few good lines to prevent it being thoroughly tedious. The second and third acts are much funnier - most of the best lines seem to be had by Leo (played by Andrew Scott, originally played by Coward himself I think) who is much more prominent from the second act onwards. He seemed to perpetually have a look of knavish mischief on his face, which given the very grand and glamorous sets (apartments in Paris, London and New York in each of the acts) and the sharp and witty dialogue, worked rather superbly.

A very enjoyable night out.

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