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Buying Champagne

Posted on 2010/12/18 17:07:56 (December 2010).

[Thursday 2nd December 2010]
For Robin's birthday party this Saturday I had volunteered to buy the Champagne. So I went out at lunchtime today to see what I could find.

There were going to be 30 guests, so in order for everyone to have at least a glass we were going to need about four bottles, or two magnums. Magnums always look a bit more impressive somehow so I'd made up my mind to buy a couple of those. Interestingly though, although a magnum has the contents of exactly two normal sized bottles, they rarely if ever work out cheaper than buying two individual bottles, in fact they can quite often go for more than twice the price.

We'd recently seen a "reasonably priced" magnum of Laurent Perrier (I think it was) in Fortnum and Mason, but when I went back today these had gone, and somehow nothing else quite fit the bill. So instead I wandered round the corner to another of my favourite shops - Berry Brothers and Rudd - to see what they have, and after a bit of a chat with the staff I settled on two magnums of their own Blanc de Blancs.

I rather enjoyed this whole process. This something quite gratifying on being asked "Can I help you?" in a shop, rather than responding with the usual "I'm just browsing thanks" to be able to say "I'm looking for a pair of magnums".

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