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Robin's 60th Birthhday Party

Posted on 2010/12/18 17:07:57 (December 2010).

[Saturday 4th December 2010]
Robin was having a party for his 60th birthday in South Wales, so after a quick breakfast at the Regency Cafe, we picked up a hire car and drove to Abergavenny.

We arrived in Abergavenny a little after 1:30 and had a quiet afternoon at the house, before heading over in the early evening to where the party was being held, at Robin's friend's house in nearby Raglan. It was an old farmhouse, which Robin's friend has spent years renovating, and it's absolutely lovely - I think he rents it out as a holiday home now. Some parts of it may be as early as the 16th century apparently.

Getting there was a bit of a challenge, as Vera wasn't exactly sure where the house was - it was down a little country lane outside of the main village - and we were surrounded by extremely thick freezing fog - oh and the roads were extremely icy too. Fortunately we did make it in the end.

Our contribution to the party was the Champagne - knowing there were going to be about 30 guests, I decided not to mess about, and had brought along two magnums of Berry Brothers and Rudd's own Blanc de Blancs. So I spent the first part of the party acting as a wine waiter, pouring out the bubbly to the guests as they arrived. It's quite an unwieldy thing, a magnum, you really need to handle it with some care. This seemed to go down very well.

I understand the party went on into the wee small hours, but we left around 11ish as it was our job to take Vera home - and that was probably about right for us anyway, as it was more a party for Robin's friends, and I only knew a few of them in passing.

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Wow congratulations!!! :)

Posted by Lox at 2010/12/23 10:45:56.

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