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Posted on 2010/12/18 17:07:57 (December 2010).

[Sunday 5th December]
It was a very short visit to South Wales this weekend - we just stayed one night, as we were only really there for Robin's birthday party. We stayed until lunchtime - where we were required to "use up" as many of the leftovers from last night's party as possible - before heading off.

Having arrived via the boring route (over the new Severn Bridge and then up the dual carriageway to Abergavenny) I was keen to go the more scenic route on the way back. So we drove from Abergavenny to Monmouth, and from there down the Wye Valley to Chepstow, to get on the old Severn bridge. I love this route, the Wye Valley road has to be one of my favourite roads in the country, and we were treated to particularly wonderful wintery views today (I wish I'd taken some pictures). We stopped off in Redbrook on the way, where I'd had my eye on a cottage I'd seen for sale on the web. Having not arranged a viewing or anything all we could do was look at the outside - and it was a totally impractical daydream anyway (later on this month Dad would entirely put me off the idea by reminding me of the flood risk here - which probably explains why the price was so good).

After the loveliness of the Wye Valley and the old Severn Bridge we then had the antithesis of both of these - the relentless unyielding drudgery of the M4. In order to try and stop ourselves dying of boredom we listened to the chart show on the radio, and I was reminded (pleasingly) how completely out of touch I was with pop music.

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