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Udon at Koya

Posted on 2011/02/05 09:23:48 (February 2011).

[Monday 31st January 2011]
Chie really wanted to eat udon tonight, so after a bit of procrastination we decided to go to Koya in Soho. Chie had been before, it was my first time.

I had the "kinoko atsu atsu" - the udon with mushrooms. Here atsu atsu means both the udon (the thick noodles) and the soup are hot - apparently the preferred ordering style for non Japanese people. Japanese people, I'm told, are more likely to order hiya atsu where the udon are served separately, cold, with a hot soup on the side. This is what Chie went for, and her dish also came with a selection of tempura. Mine came with a little dish of kurumi miso (miso paste with walnuts) to add in to taste. All very nice - if anything this was better than going to an udon place in Japan for me, as it would be nigh on impossible to find a vegetarian version there (the stock in particularly being the sticking point as always).

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