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St. Blaise's Day

Posted on 2011/02/05 11:18:43 (February 2011).

[Thursday 3rd February 2011]
Got up early this morning to be first in the queue at the Doctor's. My sore throat still hadn't gone away, after over a month, so I was going back to see if they had any further thoughts on it. They seemed to think glandular fever was the most likely cause at this stage, so told me to have some blood tests done. This involved going to a separate clinic elsewhere in SW1 - a funny little place where they had a department which seemed to do nothing but blood tests. They had a sort of ticketing system like you'd get at the cheese counter in a supermarket. That was all over and done with pretty quickly, and I should get the results back some time next week apparently. Apparently glandular fever can linger on for several months, but if it's only as bad as it has been the past month that's not such a big deal - mainly I really just want to know what the actual problem is.

Conveniently the clinic where I gave the blood samples was just around the corner from the Regency Cafe, and as it was still fairly early in the morning I decided a restorative breakfast would probably be wise. So I had my usual hash browns, mushrooms, beans and "bubble" (as in bubble and squeak) with a cup of tea. Excellent as always.

Today was St. Blaise's Day, a minor saints day which I've been a fan of for some time, mainly because of the indirect association it has with Ye Old Mitre. Both Ye Old Mitre and St. Etheldreda's Church just round the corner were originally built as part of the London estate of the Bishops of Ely, and St. Etheldreada's Church is noted for marking St. Blaise's Day with a "blessing of the throats" ceremony, in which people with throat complaints can go and be blessed. Not being a Catholic, I've never been to the ceremony (although this year it would have been rather appropriate) but I do seem to have got into an annual habit of at least visiting the church on February 3rd, albeit that I usually go in the evening and can't get inside.

Of course after briefly paying my respects there I then feel compelled to avail myself of the hospitality at the nearby Mitre, and this is exactly what I did this evening. At the Mitre I met up with my friend Al, and we actually stayed for quite a while - I don't really know why, but for some reason I almost always just stay for one quick drink when I come to the Mitre, so it was great to properly linger for a change. We then rounded off the evening with a quick dram at the Whisky Society - conveniently just around the corner - so it had to be done.

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