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Welcome to my bit of the Maison de Stuff, home to a huge load of pictures, and my daily blog.

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Michelle's Housewarming Party

Posted on 2011/02/12 12:09:56 (February 2011).

[Saturday 5th February]
My friend Michelle was having a housewarming party down in Kent this evening, so after a fairly slothful day indoors, just after 5 we headed out to Victoria station, by way of Sainsbury's, and got the train down to West Malling.

I've known Michelle for over a decade now, and so know quite a few of her friends too, and so there were quite a few familiar faces there, which was nice. In particular we spent a lot of the evening chatting to Mike and Clare (Clair? Claire? I'm never sure how to spell it) who it turned out we had a lot in common with - primarily Reading University and vegetarianism(!).

So we had a jolly nice time, it was a fun crowd, I had some very nice ciders (which I'd brought with me I should add - and most people still seem to look at the stuff with fear and suspicion!) and some excellent locally grown jacket potatoes, and some also excellent but probably not locally grown vegetarian sausages.

We left to get the last train back to London at 11, and as I was leaving Michelle thrust into my hand a plastic cup with some Highland Park in, which she was determined I was going to have some of. We were already a bit late for the train so I had the odd experience of jogging down the road whilst sipping HP. Must have looked a bit odd. On the train we were entertained by a succession of Carry-On-Film-esque characters, who were presumably heading into London as the pubs were closing wherever they lived.

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In "Ooh Matron!!!" tradition, John? :-)

Posted by Bryan at 2011/02/12 21:17:47.

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