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White Truffle

Posted on 2011/03/02 20:09:19 (March 2011).

[Saturday 12th February]
Left the flat some time after lunchtime and wandered in the direction of Sloane Square. Stopped off for a late lunch at Daylesford Organic on the way. I've often walked past and a couple of times have considered eating here but never quite got round to it until today. Had a bowl of butternut squash soup which was surprisingly nice - surprising because I don't really like butternut squash. Was also pleased to see they serve an interesting cider - Dunkerton's. Chie seemed quite happy with her cheese plate too.

We headed on from there to Sloane Square, Chie wanted a browse around the shops and for once apparently my presence was not required. So I thought I'd go for a quick look round the Saatchi Gallery, but unfortunately it was closed for a private event. Ho, hum. So instead I had a quick wander round the farmer's market on King's Road which was more or less closing up, but I did catch a stall which was selling truffles, and rather excitingly found they had a white truffle for sale - I've never bought a fresh white truffle before. It's a bit out of season, although apparently this was from a different region of Italy (not Alba) where the season was a bit longer. It was relatively reasonably priced - a mere 25 - so I thought what the heck and bought it.

After meeting up with Chie and doing a bit more shopping (I think we spent a while in Penhaligon's - I rather like the idea of buying some Victorian gentleman's fragrance but couldn't actually find one I liked) we had a pint in the Antelope before heading home, by way of Waitrose.

Made a white truffle risotto in the evening - a risotto bianco with shavings of the truffle on top. I didn't use any other mushrooms or anything but still the base risotto was probably a little too strongly flavoured. Still very enjoyable though. The white truffle has a more refined, sweeter, slightly nuttier and cleaner aroma than the black truffles we've had.

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