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Rob and Byrnie in London

Posted on 2011/03/02 20:09:21 (March 2011).

[Saturday 19th February 2011]
Rob had been talking for some time about dragging Byrnie into London to see the sights - despite having lived in Reading for over a decade he'd never really done any kind of proper sightseeing in London, and so an afternoon to correct this seemed very much long overdue.

We started off at St. Paul's and worked our way back to the West end from there, taking in Leadenhall Market, the Tower and Tower Bridge en route. From London Bridge we hopped on the tube to Westminster, and from there a quick whizz around Parliament Square, after a quick pint at the Westminster Arms a "strile" (to quote a Mornington Crescent strategem) from there along the edge of St. James's Park to Buckingham Palace, and then back along the Mall to Trafalgar Square, a quick dash round the National Gallery, then the chaps jumped on the tube and headed back to Reading.

Given that I was then at a bit of a loose end, I decided to do a bit of shopping at the Japan Centre after that before heading back to the flat.

In the evening, a friend of Chie's (from work, I think) was having a leaving party as she and her husband were heading back to Japan. So we went to a pub called McGlynn's near King's Cross and there tried our best to be sociable with a large group of people I didn't know at all, and who Chie only knew a couple of. It was an interesting crowd - somewhat embarassingly lots of other Japanese/European couples (oh well, what can you do) but nonetheless some people who were really enlightening to talk to.

Chie and I left some time before closing time as we hadn't had dinner, and went to nearby Drummond St for a late supper at Diwana, which was jolly nice as always.

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