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ENT Specialist and Santoré

Posted on 2011/03/02 20:09:22 (March 2011).

[Tuesday 22nd February 2011]
In the afternoon I had an appointment to see a specialist about my throat, my GP having ran out of ideas last week about what the problem could be. It had been ongoing for seven weeks at this point and I have to admit to being somewhat anxious about what was causing it. I saw an ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) specialist who, after asking me a few general questions, squirted some strange liquid up my nose and asked me to go and take a seat for a few minutes. When I went back in, he proceded to thread a long telescopic camera device up through my nose and down into my throat. Needless to say this was not a particularly pleasant experience, but nonetheless I was very pleased when he said after this examination that there wasn't actually anything seriously wrong. In his opinion the problem is a sort of hangover of a sore throat from a cold virus, which has never had a chance to properly recover due to a combination of dehydration and possibly some stomach acid reflux. I've been given a course of tablets to reduce the acid, and have been told to avoid drinking coffee for a while - and I'm to go back and see him again in six weeks.

So partly as a means of celebrating my apparently clean bill of health I really felt like going out, and was in the mood for pizza. Unfortunately Chie was doing her evening classes (a regular fixture Tuesdays and Thursdays now) and I couldn't find anyone else to go out with, so I just thought sod it I'll go by myself.

I decided to try a place called Santoré, which had featured in Time Out's Best Pizza in London - and I was also intrigued to go as I'd heard a few good things about a street called Exmouth Market in Clerkenwell. I took the bus from my office as Victoria station currently has restricted access in the evening. The bus seemed to take forever but I wasn't really in any particular rush.

Santoré was surprisingly busy for a cold Tuesday in February (even the staff were surprised by this), and I think I got the last free table - but perhaps deservedly so - the food was really good and the service was excellent. Oliveto very much retains its' crown for best pizza in London in my opinion - and probably always will - but this was really pretty good. I had a full three courses - including bruschetta to start, and some tiramisu for dessert - and really rather enjoyed it.

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