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St. James's, Mayfair, Shepherd's Market and Karaoke with Gav

Posted on 2011/03/02 20:09:22 (March 2011).

[Thursday 24th February]
Really felt like going out again tonight, particularly as I'd been leading a relatively reclusive life for much of the past few weeks, when I'd been largely preoccupied with my sore throat. It was also rather a nice day today so I was keen to leave work while there was still at least a bit of daylight remaining and have a good walk about.

So I left the office around 5:30 and took a stroll past Buckingham Palace to St. James's. After a brief stop at the Red Lion in Crown Passage I decided to head on and explore Mayfair a bit, and poked my nose in at two different Coaches and Horseses - the one on Hill Street and the one on Bruton Street. From there, for no other reason than the cathartic nature of reckless extravagance, I went for a glass of Champagne at Claridge's Bar - I tried Henriot, which to me had a bizarre nose of stinging nettles.

Thanks to the magic of mobile phones and location based services I discovered Gav was in the same rough neck of the woods, and so I headed over to Shepherd's Market to meet up with him, from where we headed off in search of karaoke to round off the evening. After a couple of unsuccessful attempts at Korean restaurants, we went to the Japanese bookshop on Brewer St which has some karaoke booths at the back, and therein sang most of our now standard set of karaoke favourites, which was a lot of fun as always.

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