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Working on Saturday

Posted on 2011/03/02 20:09:22 (March 2011).

[Saturday 26th February]
If you believe the whole "Thursday is the new Friday" ethos then it follows that some additional reshuffling of days will have to be made in the latter half of the week to accomodate. Having had a very fun night out on Thursday, I have to admit that productivity suffered somewhat on Friday, and therefore I decided to just attempt to retry Friday today, and put in a full day's work on Saturday to compensate. Chie was busy studying for her course so this worked rather well. I was very rigorous about it - started at 9 and worked until after 6, and actually got some pretty good work done - so consequently felt rather pleased with myself.

In the evening we decided we should head out for dinner, and I had a hankering for falafel, so we went to Maoz on Old Compton Street. It was a funny sort of an evening out really - we ate falafel, walked about a bit, bought some cakes, went and did some Japanese food shopping (Rice Wine Shop stays open quite late conveniently), and then went home again. More like a Saturday afternoon transposed into the evening. There was a lot of that sort of thing going on these past few days it seems.

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