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Veggie Fish and Chips

Posted on 2011/03/14 08:25:04 (March 2011).

[Thursday 3rd March 2011]
Chie was doing her course this evening, and I found myself quite hungry by around 6ish, and hankering for the veggie "fish" and chips which some pubs in London have started doing in recent years. In particular it's the Punch Tavern chain, which I think recently rebranded itself to Taylor and Walker (one of the breweries they happen to have bought up at some point, although I don't think the company actually does any brewing today). I decided to try a pub I hadn't been to before - the Gloucester on Sloane Street - which pleasingly can be reached from Belgravia via a little maze of backstreets and alleys.

I've tried veggie fish and chips in three different Punch taverns / Taylor and Walker pubs now, and it has been quite different every time. I had assumed most pub food in chain pubs these days was more or less supplied at least partially ready made, and they pretty much just had to heat it up somehow. Presumably though this isn't the case for the veggie fish and chips or else there wouldn't be such a huge variation. It's decribed in the menu as being made with halloumi - which it unmistakably was at the first two pubs I'd tried it at - but here the cheese was much lighter, closer to a mozzarella I'd say. Still that wasn't necessarily such a bad thing, this version tasted slightly healthier.

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