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Lunch at the Bell at Skenfrith

Posted on 2011/03/14 08:25:14 (March 2011).

[Sunday 6th March 2011]
Started the day with a pleasantly lazy morning in at Vera and Robin's house. Around midday Robert arrived, and together the five of us headed out to Skenfrith, where we were booked for lunch.

They had a fascinating wine menu there - very detailed and nicely illustrated and to my delight very strongly focused on Champagne. The first half (at least) of the substantial tome was all dedicated to Champagne, they must have had over a hundred to choose from. Pleasingly they seemed to have a strong leaning towards Gosset, which I'm also rather fond of, and the task of choosing wine having been delegated to me I plumped for a bottle of the Gooset Rosť. I think that went down rather well.

As for the food, well I was slightly less excited - my Glamorgan sausages were OK but the whole plate was a bit textureless, everything pureed, as though vegetarians are expected not to have any teeth or something.

Still, Skenfrith is a lovely spot, with the castle and the church (which we went for a wander round after lunch), and it made for a very nice outing all in all.

After that, back to Abergavenny for tea before Robin drove us down to Newport (the line between Abergavenny and Newport was pretty much closed due to a strike) and we got our train back to London.

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