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Birthday with Dad

Posted on 2011/03/19 14:26:31 (March 2011).

[Tuesday March 15th 2011]
My birthday today - we hadn't really planned anything in particular for the day itself, as the trip last week had been sort of a birthday treat. As it happened though Dad was passing through London on the way to a business meeting (probably the last ever now he's "officially" retiring) in Guildford. As Chie had her course in the evening Dad and I went out for the evening, just the two of us. We started off with a stroll along to Parliament Square, and a quick drink at the Westminster Arms, where we were regaled by an old French gentleman behind the bar, whose party trick was to tell people what day of the week they were born on.

I hadn't really given much thought to where to eat, and so after leaving he pub I was literally thinking on my feet. Dad had suggested it would be nice to eat something from a more unusual country - so no Chinese, Indian or Italian. After giving it a bit of thought I remembered one of my old favourites - St. Moritz - the Swiss restaurant in Soho. It's always been pretty much full every time I go there, but luckily tonight they had a table free. I ordered all the same things I usually order - the ragout of wild mushrooms to start, and the rosti with vegetables au gratin for main course. Plus of course some spatzli on the side, which the waitress seemed reluctant to let us have as both of our main courses came with rosti, but we were somewhat insistent, and therefore felt duty bound to do our best to finish it all when it arrived. Dad and I have quite similar tastes - we both fundamentally like simple, hearty comfort food - so I knew he'd like it here.

Went for an after dinner drink at the Coach and Horses, which, still with its original 1960s interior intact, seemed to be a hit with Dad too. Got the number 24 bus back to the flat, where we had a final digestif - somewhat incongruously a glass of Izarra.

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Happy Birthday numbnuts.

Posted by Rob Lang at 2011/03/21 15:13:53.

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